[EU] [Event] Anniversary Event Winners!

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Eleven million monsters died.
Fourteen million skills casted.
128,613 Trophies, Thunderbolts and Lotto Boxes opened.
Several million AP earned.

And so our amazing 6th anniversary events came to an end! Without any further delay here are the winners of the various prizes!

(Important: Each winner will have received an email to their registered, verified email address. Please provide the requested information as a reply to that email.

VERY IMPORTANT: This email will be sent out tomorrow)

Razor Megalodon Headset
  • xZyron on Venus DE
  • K3k32uw on Mars EN
  • VelociterBl on Mercury EN
CABAL 3rd Awakening Print
  • LiuBei on Mercury DE
  • roissoSLO on Jupiter EN
  • rjdsalmeida on Mercury EN
  • Deathsaber on Jupiter EN
  • GumaPL on Mercury EN
  • YamiDBelias on Mercury DE
  • ETHEL on Venus ES
  • Diablo666 Mercury IT
  • Lechero Mars EN

Drei Frame Piece
  • RedHit on Mercury EN
  • xSimca on Mars EN
  • MaryMagdalene on Jupiter EN
  • Diabolo77 on Mercury DE
  • UschiVomDienst on Venus DE
  • Cherry92 on Mars DE
  • ELRAPIDO on Mercury ES
  • vita on Venus ES
  • RYOSS on Mercury FR
  • Amya on Venus FR
  • Eiskiller on Mercury IT
  • Jilly on Venus IT

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who took part! Winners should reply to their notification email in order to finalise their prize details.

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