[NA] GM Icee Stream on Jul 25th 2015

The stream can be found here : http://www.twitch.tv/cabal2_official/v/8423409


The stream was focused on patch 1.1.0 and upcoming contents, if you want a summarised version, check it here (credit to DeathDealer guild):

  • Dungeon gear binding was primarily forced because of Alz gold sellers. (They do not want high level gear attained so easily from paying for gold)
  • Players who bought gold might be tracked and banned permenantly (Against TOS)
  • Block limit might change or be removed
  • Drop rates might be changed for Unchangeable gear.
  • Account bindings from dungeons will not be reverted but will most likely be modified
  • All GM’s are comfortable with difficulty level for dungeons and those will most likely not change
  • Easy mode may come back but testing is being done to preserve the game economy
  • Dance exploit will be fixed (or already is either from today’s hotfix or next week’s hotfix)
  • Improvements on the dungeon party finder are being tested
  • Elder Titles next week (7/27/15)
  • General optimization is in the works but not as widespread for every configuration
  • Combo problems need to be recorded and sent as a ticket. Developers do not have problems with the combo system, they need more evidence to find out if it is indeed a glitch or latency.
  • Specific monster hunting events are planned in distant future
  • Channels with PVP enabled may be implemented
  • EU servers will not happen until the NA servers is stable
  • v1.10 patch modifications and fixes will be prioritized first before any brand new content
  • New content is coming and is already being tested. There will be plenty to keep players interested
  • New dungeon will be better “if you enjoy dying” (Similar to the Cabal II Korean difficulty)

[EU] [EP10] Rising Force: New abilities and skills


Source : Cabal EU Tester’s Blog


Welcome back to the Tester’s Blog! For those of you familiar with this you know what to expect. For any new readers, in this blog I take a closer look at the coming updates, and answer any questions that you might have (if possible and within reason, of course!). There is quite a lot of text ahead, so grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s take a look at some skill and ability changes coming with Rising Force.

Before I start I’d like to direct your attention to our livestreams from the test server. If you have not had a look yet, head over to our Youtube channel where they are available. The streams should give you a brief idea of what to expect from the awesome new Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon, and the new PvP Battleground, as well as give you a quick look at the new Archridium sets.

Today’s blog will focus on some of the changes with the skills and stats. This is not really a very exciting topic for a livestream – unless you like staring at skill descriptions, of course – but very well suited to the more leisurely approach of a blog. I will start with the most fundamental changes, and work through as many as can fit into the space of a blog.

Basic Stats

Let us start and consider what ESTsoft calls stat-balance changes. The short version is that they have changed the ability values of weapons, armours, accessories, and buff potions. We are looking at a fairly comprehensive overhaul here. The basic stats also give new effects:

  • STR: Increases Damage Reduction and Attack for all Battle Styles
  • DEX (BL and FB): Increases Attack
  • DEX (All): Increases Evasion, Attack Rate, Defence Rate
  • INT (All): Increases Magic Attack and Resistance

Your character will still have the same basic stats as before, purely in terms of how many points you have allocated to STR, DEX and INT, but you will notice some rather big changes on things like your Attack and Defence stats. But don’t think everything will become too easy now!

The developers also changed the difficulty level and monster levels for all the dungeons. It will be up to you to find out exactly how much changed, but I am sure that you will find some challenges in unexpected places.

Sword and Magic Skills

Another really big change is that the entire skill system has been restructured. Instead of Sword, Magic, Upgrade and Special skills you now have Attack, Support, Enchantment, and Special tabs. Every skill that you can use to attack, from magic arrows to Transcender sword skills will be grouped into one tab, called Attack. Some of your buffs and debuffs, most notably the short buffs, and skills such as Dash and Fade Step were moved into the Support group. and your longer buffs like Aura Barrier are passive – this simply means that you never have to cast them, they are always applied once you have learned them, no duration or rebuff every required. This also does mean that if you use an Odd Circle all your passive buffs will be immediately effective (And yes, it is likely that there will be a ‘show buff effects’ option in the future, in order to remove the visuals of a skill like Aura Barrier). The separate skill ranks for Sword and Magic is now a thing of the past, you will only see a single, unified skill rank. This is long overdue in my mind, especially since it has been years since you had to level your Sword and Magic skills separately. Simplicity is almost always a good thing.

You will also notice some changes on the skill levels. When you first log in after Rising Force is live all your skills will be set back to level 1, and all your skill points refunded. However, don’t worry too much about remembering which skills are on which level, since yet another change is that all skills now have fixed cooldowns. So it does not matter if your Warrior has Whirlwind on level 1 or on level 20, as the cooldown will be the same. Only the damage and other effects change as the skill levels.

New Skills and Abilities

Now this is where things get interesting! As you may remember if you watched the first livestream I said that this update is as big a change as Episode 2 was – and I stand by that statement. The new abilities and new skills will have a big impact on the gameplay. The first three new abilities can come from your character class, or items, or even from specific skills. They are:

  • DMG Reduce: When attacked this reduces the damage received (fairly obvious)
  • Accuracy: This increases the attack success rate, and counteracts the opponent’s evasion rate
  • Piercing: This increases the damage on successful attacks, and the classes with a base piercing rate will counters their opponent’s defence rate

Your skills will also have some new abilities, and the more analytical players will of course work out their combos to make use of these new abilities.

  • Domination: When domination is active the character cannot move or use skills.
  • Immobile: The character cannot move or use movement-related skills.
  • Silence: The character cannot use any skills for the duration.
  • Immune to status changes: No status changes can happen
  • Complete Evasion: All attacks are evaded (yes, even combo)
  • Reflect Damage: Reflects a portion of damage back to the opponent.

With great power comes, well, changed abilities. Consider the Intuition skill on a Blader. It now grants Complete Evasion, but only for 12 seconds, and costs 300 SP to active with an 80 second cooldown. The Instant Immunity skill is another example: This is limited to Warriors, and also consumes SP on activation. The list of skills with changed abilities is quite a long one, and perhaps better suited to the patch notes or a certain external information blog maintained by one of the players from Mercury EN.

There are also a couple of new skills, but not yet the new attack skills (those are only coming with the third part of the Rising Force update, we’re getting Part 1 and Part 2 now). Two for the Wizard, two for the Force Bladers, and one each for the Force Archer and Force Shielder:

  • Magic Control (WI): Self-buff that increases Magic Attack
  • Spirit Shield (WI): A barrier that reduces damage
  • Astral Enchant (FB): Enchant your sword using a sub-weapon
  • Art of Curse (FB): Debuff that reduces the opponent’s resistance (this one is long-awaited, I know)
  • Quick Move (FA): Increases Evasion
  • Reflex Shield (FS): Reflects attacks using the Astral Shield

These are good additional tools to have for each class, and serves to shore up some slight imbalances that exist at the moment.

The last big change is that some skills have been changed to become ‘Instant’ skills. This simply means that they can be activated while other skills are being used, and can also be activated during combo – they don’t count towards the combo, and doesn’t break it either.

We will of course post all the skill changes, for every class, in the patch notes once they become publically available (I would have taken them from the patch note draft thread, but I received updated notes this morning and I have not yet had the chance to make all the corrections needed).

As always, ask any questions you may have about the skill changes, or suggestions about which part of the update you want me to take a closer look at with the next blog update, in the comments.

Until the next livestream / blog!

[EU] [Event] Anniversary Event Winners!


Eleven million monsters died.
Fourteen million skills casted.
128,613 Trophies, Thunderbolts and Lotto Boxes opened.
Several million AP earned.

And so our amazing 6th anniversary events came to an end! Without any further delay here are the winners of the various prizes!

(Important: Each winner will have received an email to their registered, verified email address. Please provide the requested information as a reply to that email.

VERY IMPORTANT: This email will be sent out tomorrow)

Razor Megalodon Headset
  • xZyron on Venus DE
  • K3k32uw on Mars EN
  • VelociterBl on Mercury EN
CABAL 3rd Awakening Print
  • LiuBei on Mercury DE
  • roissoSLO on Jupiter EN
  • rjdsalmeida on Mercury EN
  • Deathsaber on Jupiter EN
  • GumaPL on Mercury EN
  • YamiDBelias on Mercury DE
  • ETHEL on Venus ES
  • Diablo666 Mercury IT
  • Lechero Mars EN

Drei Frame Piece
  • RedHit on Mercury EN
  • xSimca on Mars EN
  • MaryMagdalene on Jupiter EN
  • Diabolo77 on Mercury DE
  • UschiVomDienst on Venus DE
  • Cherry92 on Mars DE
  • ELRAPIDO on Mercury ES
  • vita on Venus ES
  • RYOSS on Mercury FR
  • Amya on Venus FR
  • Eiskiller on Mercury IT
  • Jilly on Venus IT

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who took part! Winners should reply to their notification email in order to finalise their prize details.

[APRIL SALE] New Items!


In early April we will be testing out some brand new items! Never before seen in any version of CABAL Online the European players will be the first to get their hands on some fantastic gear!


Transportation? Costume? You be the judge, with this incredible new item. Soar across the skies of Nevareth, dominate the Mission War, and show off the most unique costume in the history of CABAL!

PRICE: To be announced
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The ultimate pet! This item makes a copy of your character, at 1/4 scale, and creates a character-binding Pet Item to use as you would any normal pet! All your skills, all your buffs, all your attacks – only at 1/4 scale!

PRICE: To be announced
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