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Dear Cabalists,


The battle between Procyon and Capella intensifies even further with the latest content update to CabalSEA; Arcane Trace.


The two nation will now battle for supremacy in the new map, Arcane Trace and defeat the Arcane Golem of Rage where the spoils of war is well worth the fight!


This content update also introduces new quest,new items (Charms,+8 Accesories etc) and other exciting features!


Stay tuned to CabalSEA’s website and facebook for date of patch and news!


Please note the patch notes below will be changed without prior notice



1. Added Mission Field ‘Arcane Trace’
A. Narrative
– One day, a huge crack appeared on a broad plain that was rarely visited by anyone. Some people said it happened be cause of the earthquake, and others
insisted that it was the trace by the Lord of the Destruction. Somehow, people started to call this place as Arcane Trace and still it is unknown how this crack had appeared.


B. Entrance way


1. Basic Condition : Characters above Level 180 and nation selected
2. Premium Users : Able to obtain the map and warp code automatically when reach the Level 180
3. Free Users : Able to move via Guardian Reison and Levenson in Port Lux


C. Added NPC


Bren, Drill instructor of Capella

Bren has taken upon himself to just train the warriors for Capella even renouncing all the splendors that he gained, while working for the Sage Tower as the Commander of Guards.


Kim, Drill instructor of Procyon

Kim has a strong will to take after his father who commanded the Guards of Sage Tower.Now he is training the warriors of Procyon for realizing his ambition to be leader of Procyon by himself.


D. Image of new field and monster



E. Added Battle with Boss Monster
Day : Monday ~ Sunday (7 days)

Time : 21:00 ~ 21:40  (40 minutes)

Channel : TBC

Termination Condition : Kill the Boss monster, Arcane Golem of Rage (If it doesn’t die, the battle would be ended after 40 minutes pass from its appearance)

– The nation that kills the Arcane Golem of Rage will win
– Large number of items are to be dropped upon killing the Arcane Golem of Rage and looting would be enabled for the winning nation


2. Added Craft System
A. Reorganized the Craft System
– Removed C.A. Transmuter from the game
– Enable to craft weapon, armor, accessory by selecting [Craft] > [Production] in CABAL menu or shortcut key F
– Crafting is to be enabled from Level 50 up to Mithril grade.
– There are 38 categories including Craftman’s Weapon / Armor, Master’s Weapon / Armor, Accessory(Ring / Amulet), and so on
– Craftsman’s/Master’s Token is needed when register or change the category on each of the 6 craft slots
– Craft system reorganized, based on craft mastery and craft energy

1. Craft Mastery
a. Each category has a separate craft mastery and raises differently
b. Certain amount of craft mastery increases when productions are complete , but only 1 point of craft mastery will increase in case of failure.Also, no points will
be increased if the crafted item’s level lower than the character’s craft ability
c. Maximum level of craft is 11, and craft level depends on the craft mastery (0~999: Level 1 / 4,000~4,999: Level 5)
d. d. If craft mastery becomes full, craft level can be upped by paying certain amount of Alz
e. e. When craft mastery is full, it doesn’t increase anymore unless up the craft level

2. Craft Energy
a. Regardless of the success or failure, certain amount of craft energy are consumed upon crafting
b. Total amount of craft energy depends on the craft level. Amount of consumed energy becomes lower when craft level ups
c. 5 points of craft energy recharge severy minute automatically,whether or not connected the game
d. Crafting is impossible when energy is insufficient



B. Production UI


C. Added quests for introducing new Craft System


– Intro to Craft – Craftsman Course
Quest Name : Intro to Craft-Craftsman Course
Starting NPC : Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
Quest Mission : Above Level 50 (Above Battle Style Level 6)
Quest Reward : Craftsman’s Token (Character Bind)


– Intro to Craft – Master Course
Quest Name : Intro to Craft-Master Course
Starting NPC : Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
Quest Mission : Above Level 100 (Above Battle Style Level 11)
Quest Reward : 1of Master’s Token (Character Bind)


-Craftsman’s Token and Master’s Token are needed for adding item in production category
As both quests are daily quests, it is possible to practice only once in a day


3.Added NPC ‘Craft Merchant Chloe’


Craft merchant Chloe


Location (Port Lux, X:42,Y:232)

– Characters only on Level 50 or above can communicate with Chloe
– Selling items
*Basic materials : Disk,Cartridge, other crafting materials
*Mixture(Materials for Damage Amplifier)
*Trance Force(Materials for Skill book of Battle Mode 3)
* Other NPC except Chloe stopped selling above materials and formula cards


4. Added Craft Request System
A. Reorganized the craft system
– Reorganized the craft system that can request the craft to Craft merchant Chole with providing materials
– Only above Level 50 can request the craft


B. How to proceed
– Register the item to request, and pay a certain amount of Alz or ‘Chloe’s Token’ to Craft merchant Chole
– Craft amity is required for requesting higher level items
– Certain amount of time is required before the request is done
-Required time depends on the item. It could take few seconds to hours
– When the request is completed, it is able to receive the results from Chloe
– Request also has a rate of success or fail
– In case of success, the item will be made same as the registered number that user requested
– In case of failure, requested items and even the materials will be lost
– The requests keep progressing whether the character plays dungeons or participants mission war or else
– System message appears when the request is finished


C. Request UI


D. Craft Amity
– Available items to request depend on whether the craft amity meets the requirement or not
– The items are categorized by each of the craft amity requirement on Request UI
– Certain amount of craft amity is given when requesting appropriate level of item to character’s amity level, regardless of the success or failure
– No point of craft amity is given if requesting lower level item than character’s amity level
– In case of character’s amity is 2,500, no point of amity is given when requesting the item that requirement amity is under 1,999 whether the request is success of not


E. Added new daily quest rewarding ‘Chloe’s Token’
Quest Name  : New Material Development Support
Starting NPC : Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
Acquired Level : Above Level 50 / Above BSLV 6
Quest Reward : 1 Chloe’s Token (Character Bind)
– Only possible to perform once a day


5. Added Meister Item
– Only can be obtained by crafting
– Enable to select basic epic option based on its kind whether Weapon or Armor
– When the crafted item gets modifier ‘Craftsman’s ~’ , ‘Master’s ~’, it gains an additional option above the basic meister option
– In case of Craftsman’s item, 2 options will be gained when it made with great success
– If the item is successfully crafted, the number of each option would be different depending
on the item’s grade
– In case of Master’s items, 3 options will be gained when it made successfully

– Classified meister items by color


– Item option
-Main option : Enable to select when crafting the item, it is chosen first before starting the craft progress
-Sub-option : Static option is gained when crafting succeeds.The kinds of option are limited and depends on the item itself
-The number of option : The number of each option is gained randomly within the limits
6. Added Craftsman’s Accessory
– Combined grade of accessory crafting into 4;Lv. 1/Lv. 2/Lv. 3/Lv. 4
-Each grades needs different materials to craft
-Making higher level of accessories gives more opportunity to get higher grades of accessories
-The rate of success depends on the craft mastery. No point of craft mastery would be given when trying to make lower grade of
accessory than character’s craft mastery


– Same grade of craftsman’s accessory is required for accessory crafting.


-Enable to get craftsman’s accessory by crafting it directly, or can obtain by certain chance while crafting other accessories
– If craft level is high, the more chance is given to get higher grade of craftsman’s accessory


7. Added Coin Lotto Item
– Coin lotto item can be used for making Lotto Coin/Potion of Luck (Character bind) via craft request system
– Materials :
-Lotto Coin(3 hours limited to use):Enable to get from the Map upon Forgotten Ruin
-Coin Lotto Certificate:Craft merchant Chole sells in 100,000 Alz


8. Added new accesorry ‘Charm’


A. Added new accessory slot for ‘Charm’ in Inventory UI



B. Added new items ‘Minesta’s Charm’
– Added 3 types of Charms as new accessories
– Enable to enhance the charms by craft requesting
– Charms and materials would be lost the request fails


-Details of Charms


C. Craft Requesting for enhance the Charm


D. Obtainable items from extracting Minesta’s Charm

– 5 of Minesta’s Diamond Charms are required requesting the Diamond Cube


9. Added Unbinding Stones


A. Classified as 3 grades; Medium / High / Highest


Types and grades of equipment


B. The item becomes unbinding if using the stone is success, but it will destroy when using it fails
– Success rate depends on the enhanced level
– Success rate of +0 item is 30%, every 4% of success rate goes up by +1 enhancing


C. Enable to get from unbinding stone cube which can make by craft requesting
– Craft requesting of unbinding stone cube


– Gem of Liberation is enable to get from dungeons


D. Enable to get ‘Arcane Golems’s Unbinding Stone’ from the monsters that Arcane Golem of Rage is summoned
– Only can use to the item that enhanced level is above +10
– The item becomes unbinding if using the stone is success, but 1 enhanced level will decrease when using it fails


10. Added Accessories



11. Added quest ‘Favor Returning Heil’

Quest Group Name :To Find Death Land
Quest Name :Favor Returning Heil
Starting NPC :Port guard Porter in Port Lux
Acquired Level :Above Level 79/Above BSLV 8
Quest Reward :EXP 750,644 and Skill EXP 20,230

– Only possible to progress after finishing the quest ‘Heil’s Test Subject’


12. Added DP information on
conformation window and tooltip message
A. If DP is remained before logout the game, conformation window shows the DP information of it
B. Added DP information on dungeon icon tooltip of GPS
C. Added DP information on tooltip of dungeon entry items


13. Added ‘Shuffle Dance’ as a Dance 3


14. Added 200 & 500 bundle Potion and Return Stone at NPC shop


15. Added ‘Refresh’ button at Image Authentication window


16. Added function of gathering to see and ranking in achievement system


17. Added system message and graphic effect to let know near party members when user gets achievement, except in the situation of mission war

1. Changed some parts related to previous craft system
A. Changed level of specialty craft to craft level and craft mastery


B. Changed craft level to craft amity

C. Changed some items that related to previous craft system
– Stopped selling and dropping all Formula cards
– Changed Temporary Formula card to be invalid
– Crafting Skill book for Battle Mode 3 and Damage Amplifier is possible by requesting to Craft merchant Chloe
– Crafting Mergaheph’s Ring and Tyrant’s ring is possible by requesting to Craft merchant Chloe
– Stopped selling the items related to Mithril Cube at Forgotten Temple B1F, Mutant Forest
– Bike Epic Formula Card is changed to material for crafting Bike Epic Converter
– Transmuters and related quests are deleted


D. Deleted and added certain recipes regarding craft
– Deleted some recipes (Existing Formula card would be changed to Potion of Luck which giving certain amount of Alz differently depends on the card’s type)
– HP/MP Potion, Return Stone, Goodluck Potion, Glory Potion, Epaulet of Proof
– C.A. Unit – Regard for H.Age
– Astral Core(Mithril/Blue Mithril)
– Perfect Coating kit
– Plasma Plug
– Added new recipes
– Perfect Core(Low/Medium/Highest)
– Slot Extender(Highest), Upgrade Core(Highest), Force Core(Highest)
– Charm Upgrade, Diamond Cube
– Material/Quartz Core conversion Recipe
– Stain Clone binding removal Recipe
– Dungeon entry item/Disk Dice Recipe


2. Changed Shape Cartridge items
A. United Shape Cartridges by grades
– Before: 20 Types including Sword/Armor/Battle/Martial/Artifact X each of 4 grades
– After: Classified all to Low / Medium / High / Highest
B. Previous version of Shape Cartridge would be changed as new version when first login the game after the update
C. Shape Cartridges which are registered in Agent shop are changed to be expired


3. Changed drops craft martial item
A. Stopped being dropped: Material Core, Quartz Core, Circuit Jewel
B. Items with expended drop areas or increased drop rate: Familiar Mineral / Illusion Coral / Machinery Head / Infernal Ruby / Astral Skull / Shining Yellow Powder / Unknown Circuit
C. New drop item: Silver Jewel / Beetle Shall / Parasited Berry / Amulet of Pain +3


4. Changed some item extracting
A. Changed some extracted items from equipment
– Changed that Upgrade Core(Piece) can only be extracted from enhanced item above +1
– Material Core and Quartz Core are only obtainable from the item grade above Citrine / Shadowsteel
– Enable to extract the item of Citrine/ Shadowsteel / Aramid
– Changed that Astral Core extracted from Epic item of Bluestin ~ Mithril, instead of Material Core and Quartz Core
B. Changed extracting of accessories
– Added Circuit Jewel(Lv.7) that can be extracted 1 to 10 randomly
– Enable to extract Vampiric Earring +5 ~ +7 / Bracelet Of Fighter +5 ~ +7 / Bracelet Of Sage +5 ~ +7


5. Changed some item’s price at NPC shop
A. Changed the selling price of item
– Reduced 1/5 than before (Based on enhanced item +1)
B. Changed that selling price depends on the item enhanced level
– The higher the enhanced level is, the more higher the selling price would be
– Raised the gap of price between different enhanced levels of items
C. Changed the selling price of cores
– Reduced the selling price of Material Core and Quartz Core to 1/10 than before
D. Changed the selling price of Trance Force
– Trance ForceⅠ: 30,000,000 Alz
– Trance ForceⅡ: 20,000,000 Alz
– Trance ForceⅢ: 15,000,000 Alz
E. Changed the selling price of Force Amplifier to 100,000,000 Alz


6. Changed some categories in Agent shop
A. Added or deleted some categories related to previous craft system
B. Changed some categories
– Changed the name of ‘Core Enhancer’ as ‘Enchant Safeguard’
– Moved the Enchant Safeguard to the Enchant Safeguard category
C. Quest Capsule
– Class category: Separated to Quest Capsule / Minesta Training Book
– Type Category: Shows each mission fields of quests
– Grade Category: Quest Capsule separated by acquired level for quest performing / Minesta Training Skill Book separated by difficulty of DX dungeon
B. Costume

7. Changed some of Achievements
A. Changed to public the achievements based on its type(Nation, Level, Achievement count, etc.) rather than randomly
B. Reduced display time of conformation window for achievement system from 60 second to 20 second


8. Increased the number of Favorites on Agent Shop
A. Increased 1 line to 2 lines
B. Added shortcut key of favorites in Agent shop
– Shortcut key to converting favorites page: F1 ~ F2
– Shortcut key to each favorites slot: Number key (1 ~ 0)


9. Changed some parts of Battle mode 3
A. Changed to not be initialized the activating combo when using Force kick
B. Changed that only skill rank above Transcender characters can learn the battle mode 3


10. Changed some item attributes, which sold by NPCs
A. Changed the Empty Bottle / Disks (Lv.1) /Shape Cartridge (Lv.1) to account binding
B. Changed that Force amplifier / Material core(Aramid / Shadowsteel) / Quartz core(Citrine) / C.A Unit – Regard for H.Age unacceptable to trade


11. Changed Tooltip about party member and added extra information on it
A. Added tooltip to show channel and map when select the party member at different channel
B. Expended the box area that shows tooltip
C. Added tooltip to show the character state(offline/onlne) when select the offline party member


12. Changed to drop some tradable unique item at very low rate
A. Lycanus’s Weapon / Drosnin’s Earrings / Drei Frame Armors


13. Changed that items in current opening inventory move first when transcending the items


14. Changed the reward of quest ‘Power of Ancient Spell’ from AXP 10,000,000 to EXP 2,000,000


15. Increased the maximum number of quest which user can get from 10 to 20


16. Increased HP, Defense rate of ‘Vaikalitan of Golden sunset’ to each of 150% and 140%


17. Reduced 10% of experience points that Nooki in Panic Cave gave


18. Changed the button position of Chatting Window minimization to upper left


19. Changed and added certain Help messages


20. Changed to initialize the drop item ownership when field monster and Mission war Guardians regenerated their HP


21. Changed to show place information about quest mission at Quest Capsule description


1. Corrected error that accessing to the quest dungeon that the completion NPC located ignoring sub-missions was possible on the quest “Heil’s Test Subject”


2. Corrected error that party Exp was not obtainable at a certain circumstances while doing field hunting


3. Corrected error that title was not updated when user change its nation


4. Corrected to gain some Alz when selling the Skillbook dropped from training dungeon


5. Corrected cool down time of Megaphone to 20sec. which was incorrectly set as 10sec.


6. Corrected error that couldn’t storage items on the slot which was used for mass amount of other items


7. Corrected error that couldn’t purchase the automatically registered item in Personal Shop


8. Corrected some regarding to Agent Shop
A. Corrected that category opened abnormally when purchasing item
B. Corrected error that searching favorites was possible while opening the purchase window in Agent shop


9. Corrected some regarding to Pet
A. Corrected error that exchanging pet in extended slot for pet in basic slot was possible even the pet slot extender was expired
B. Corrected that watching the success option in advance was possible when training the pet


10. Corrected error that Maximum MP limitation was worked incorrectly


11. Corrected error that character’s ability was shown abnormally when changed the equipped item after moving the channel with activated in Battle Mode 3 + Battle Aura


12. Corrected error that resurrection was possible with having no Odd Circle in inventory


13. Corrected that Odd Circle in inventory wasn’t activated well when character died


14. Corrected error that tooltip remained incorrectly if Oath tooltip was opened together with Premium benefit information tooltip


15. Corrected error that trading was stopped forcibly when requested PvP


16. Corrected error that entering DX dungeon with in party was possible


17. Corrected error that publishing over 7 achievements was possible once a day

1. Changed the name of Buff Capsule Cube and its result item as a Mission War reward
A. Changed the name of Buff Capsule Cube


B. Changed the reward items of Cube to Potion of Luck


2. Separated Battle Mode 3 armor and its effect according to character’s nation while using Battle Mode 3 at Mission War
3. Changed to activate certain functions when character resurrected at Mission War

 – CabalSEA Administrator


  1. i’m sorry but the email address is not right, so no need to reply
    but it is my real name
    can you post in forum.cabalonline or in this website

    i want to ask, can you explain more detail about crafting system
    about master dan craftman
    i’m interested in that topic

    to be precise, the result
    master = 3 option
    craftman = 1 or 2 option
    but usually bluestin cdi = 16% why in this case 7%?
    is it luck? 6% 7% 10% 16%?

    how about the ingredient?
    can we use from drop one (bind when equip?)

    thank you


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