[EU] [Cash Shop] Item Shop Rotation!

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This week we have a great rotation in the Item Shop! Your voices were heard, and the following two items are now available.

  • Chaos Box Extender Highest as our Item of the Week with a 25% Discount, for only 13,125 CC
  • Japanese Gala costume

Both of these are available in the Hot & New section right now!

Along with these the following items are also in the shop

Mercenary Cards

Arionell and Yuan return! These two awesome Mercenaries will help you through the toughest dungeons.

PRICE: 23,000 Arionell
PRICE: 20,000 Yuan

Gift Boxes

Got an old costume, hat, weapon skin or Astral Board you want to get rid of? These items will help you do so, re-packing any premium costume or weapon skin into a tradeable gift box. (The costume hanger only works with Premium costumes!)

PRICE: 20,000 – Costume Hanger
PRICE: 3,000 – Hat Rack
 4,000 – Weapon Skin Box
PRICE: 9,000 – Astral Board Card Case
LOCATION: Consumables >> Gift Box Items

Nation Costumes

Procyon costumes are back, so show off your allegiance to the Sage Procyon outside of the Mission Wars with one of these military costumes.

PRICE: 27,000
 Costumes >> Nation Costumes

These items will become available in all 5 Item Shops over the next days.

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