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You know, Dungeon has been introduced since the start of Cabal like Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station, …

Update to update, they improve the dungeon system of Cabal by adding new dungeons, adding new types (MD/DX/CA) and convenient features for supporting dungeon system.

This article guides you through most important key information of  Cabal dungeon system. Okey, no more blah blah, let’s role!

1, Dungeon Information

How can I find dungeon information? Do I have to go to some web for the list? No no, it’s easily reachable right in the game. Click the Cabal Button, select Dungeon > Dungeon Information. Yep, that’s it.


Here you can get the full list of dungeons with:

  • Level
  • BSLv
  • Name
  • Entry Item
  • DP
  • Maximum party member
  • Entrance Location (will be located in GPS)

By clicking on the header of each column, you can sort the data by that column (ex: sorting by DP ascending, descending,…)

2, Dungeon Record

Are you great? Are you powerful? Check the Dungeon Record 😉 Where? Just try to click on the Entry Warp Point of dungeon, the Warp window will be appeared on the left along with the Dungeon Record window on the right.

Records are separated into 2 tabs, Solo Record and Party Record. Try your best to climb up the record tables 🙂

3, Dungeon Challenging Confirmation

You brought both Forgotten Temple B1F and B2F Entry at the same time, intended to enter Forgotten Temple B1F but after checking the Dungeon record of B2F, you forgot to select B1F and entered B2F accidentally?

Don’t worry just the game is smart enough to ask you before starting the dungeon, you can exit without losing Entry Item by clicking Exit on the Dungeon Challenging Confirmation window 🙂

4, Pause – Resume – Exit

Yep this must be the best invention ever 😉 You are playing the game, going the Tower of Undead B2F but your lover comes?  You can pause the dungeon! Yeah, Bravo! You can access the pause function via dungeon menu (Cabal Menu > Dungeon > Pause Dungeon) (in fact you can use the hotkey ” , ” (comma). Chit-chat with your lover for how long you  want 🙂

Oh lame, your guild mate sends a SMS that she needs to know how much will you sell your Epic Suit. Don’t be panic, you can chat in Paused mode, go tell her, and be fast, your lover can kill you if your leave for a long time.

Your mate went home? Still need to go toilet? No-problemo! Do it, save your health 😛

Okay, ready? Just click Resume to back with the Dungeon 🙂

Oh what, you think you can not kill the nuba Boss for sure, just give up the dungeon. But remember that once you give up, you will lost your dungeon progress. Access the feature by using Cabal Menu > Dungeon > Exit Dungeon.

5, Dungeon Re-entering

Ok, no more Tower of Undead B2F, too hard -_- You decided to go Lake in Dusk for relaxing. Ha! It’s so easy! While you are imagining that you are the Uber-Boss of Cabal … It suddenly appeared! OMG got dc – disconnected.

Calm down nuba. The earth is still spinning, there is light at the end of tunnel! Login back to your last channel. What? You forgot? Hmm you are really epic-nuba. But be cool, pick a random channel. Hmm channel 2. Okay… You see, you was in Channel 12 🙂 Now change to channel 12 and enter the Lake in Dusk without losing any addition entry item 🙂

6, SP Dice and Dungeon Point

Congratulation! You’ve cleared the Lake in Dusk! Check the reward window. Roll the dice for SP Bonus 😉 The SP Dice will give random result.

  • From BSLv 6 – BSLv 18 : 0 – 5 SP
  • From BSLv 19 : 1 – 6 SP

Additionally you can get DP (Dungeon Point) as reward. And can redeem them into many rewards, for more information check the NPC Peticia in Port Lux.

There are many DP Cubes:

  • Cube of Enchant (gives Cores / Extenders)
  • Cube of Training (gives EXP Potions)
  • Cube of Soul (gives AXP Potions)
  • Cube of Honor (gives Honor Potions)

Hmm, that’s all. Hope those information helps you adventuring in Nevareth 😉

Cheers 🙂

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