[US] [T-Point] T-Point Shop to be Renewed April 23rd

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Source : Cabal US website


Dear CABAL Online Players,

We are proud to announce the renewal of our T-Point shop this Monday, April 23rd. The T-Point shop will feature an all new line-up of items to choose from. The following items will now be available:

• Remote Shop Card (30 Days) – 300 T-Points

• Frontier Stone (3 Hour) – 18 T-Points

*Please note the duration of the frontier stone will start as soon as it is delivered to your inventory, NOT your cash inventory.

• Premium Personal Shop (30 Days) – 180 T-Points

• Fury Potion Lv. 4 – 60 T-Points

• Skill Books – 240 T-Points

• SIGMetal Epaulet +7’s (30 Days) – 900 T-Points

• Dungeon Card – Weakened Dungeons – 6 T-Points

• Dungeon Card – D.X. Dungeons – 30 T-Points

• Plate of Glories – 18 T-Points

• Chaos Box (Classic Avatar) – 1,800 T-Points

• Chaos Box (Upgrade Item) – 1,800 T-Points

*Please note there will be a daily cap for each item on the T-Point Shop.

CABAL Support Team


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