[KR] [EP9] [Notes] Apr 04th 2012

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[KR] [EP9]

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Apr 04th 2012


1. Change some basic crafting formula / recipe

a. Formula / Recipe deletion

  • HP / MP Potion
  • Return Stone
  • Goodluck Potion
  • Glory Potion
  • Epaulet of Proof
  • CA Unit
  • Astral Core (Mithril)
  • Astral Core (Blue Mithril)
  • Perfect Coating Kit
  • Plasma Plug

* The details replacement progress will be describe in the near future

b. Add new Formula / Recipe

  • Perfect Core (Low) / (Medium) / (Highest)
  • Slot Extender (Highest) / Upgrade Core (Highest) / Force Core (Highest)
  • Cube of Enchant (Diamond) (???)

* New buff potions and some brand new items are being planned to add, the details will be confirmed later

2. Change the price of selling items

a. Change the price of selling item to NPC

  • Price of selling items to NPC will be reduced to 1/5

b. Price of selling items to NPC depends on the grade of upgrading

  • The higher upgrading grade gives more Alz when selling

c. Craft materials

  • Price of selling Material cores / Quartz cores reduced to 1/10

d. Trans Force price changes

  • Trans Force I: 30,000,000 Alz
  • Trans Force II: 20,000,000 Alz
  • Trans Force III: 15,000,000 Alz


1. Add new NPC

a. Name: Chloe – Crafting Merchant

b. Location : Port Lux, next to the Warehouse

c. Function : Selling crafting related items

d. Selling items

  • Basic crafting materials : Disc / Shape / Basic materials
  • Mixture (Damage Amplification crafting material)
  • Trans Force (for Battle Mode 3 skill books)
  • Other NPCs will stop selling crafting materials and Formula Card

2. Add referral system

i, Reconstruct basic crafting system

  • Existing basic crafters can meet NPC Chloe in Port Lux to proceed the quest for new basic craft system
  • Professional crafting system will be re-constructed in near future
  • Level can perform the quest : 50 and above

ii) Product requesting registration and production

  • NPC Chloe  asks for a certain amount of Alz or an item as the registration fee
    • In the test server, for testing purpose, all items required 100 Alz as the registration fee (will be changed)
  • To request for the item registration, player must be met a certain grade of favor
    • In the test server, the favor grade will be skipped (will be changed)
  • At the certain time, items will be changed in the NPC Chloe
    • Items are changed hourly
    • In the test server the interval time has been changed to 10 seconds (will be changed)
  • Success / Fail can be happened, and it based on the item listed in NPC
    • When the progress is failed, the requested item and all the materials will be destroyed
    • Chance of success has been increased in the test server (will be changed)
    • The materials for crafting items can be changed too

iii) Favor

  • By reaching the favor grade of item, the equivalent item can be registered
  • The favor can be acquired after the producing progress regardless of the result (success / fail)

iv) Changes for old existing crafting items

  • Current grade of crafting system will be converted into Favor
  • Stop dropping and selling all Formula Cards
  • The equivalent methods for existing formula card will be added : Talk with NPC Chloe
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill Book
  • Damage Amplification
  • Mithirl item crafting Formula Card (in Forgotten Temple B1F and Mutant Forest)
  • Bike Epic Formula Card : Temporary stopped, will be changed later
  • Transmuter will be deleted
  • Transmuter in inventory will be removed, extracting item can be performed by using “Extract” button
  • Adding Bike Slot Formula Card : temporary removed, will be changed later

3. Add new equipment part : “Charm”

  • Added new slot for equipping new item

  • Added 3 different kinds of  “Charm” (classified as “Accessory” item), check the below table for details

  • Can be used along with existing accessories and can be enhanced to the higher level
    • Upgrading material : Upgrade Core (Highest) & Stain Clone
    • On fail, the material item will be destroyed, the Charm will still be maintained
  • Minestar Charm at grade +5 and above could give the option “Increase Battle Mode Duration”
    • Aura duration does not affect
  • Can obtain Stain clone / Diamond Cube as the output of Charm extraction

4. Add brand new dance style

  • Add Dance 3 – Shuffle Dance
    • Can be register in quick-slot, add chat command (/dance3, /shuffle)


  1. For me atm are only few changes and I dont even use OLD basic craft system so not so interested in a new one …. they work on ep 9 but from what u say until now it doesnt seem as an episode just a little update maybe more will be added in near future ;)…EP9 lol and EU dont have ep 8 thats sad for sure & from what your post seems only those Charms seems promising


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