[EU] Easter 2012 Event : The great Easter Egg Hunt!

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Source : Cabal EU Forum

Or should that be “Events”? 😉

Easter is just around the corner, and to celebrate we will be bringing some fantastic events to Nevareth. Over the next days we will be making more details available, but here is a sneak peak at one of the two major events:


The great Easter Egg Hunt!

All across Nevareth Easter Eggs can be found by hunting monsters. You can open them immediately to enjoy, or collect 10 and exchange at the event NPC to receive an Egg Basket, which will contain even better rewards!

Drops from the Eggs and Egg Basket will include (but is not limited to!) the following items:

  • Upgrade Cores and Perfect Cores
  • Epaulettes +7 and higher, with duration
  • Dungeon Entries (1 Day)
  • Premium DX entries (1 Day)
  • Oath of Sacrifice and Protection
  • Safeguards (High and Highest)
  • Potion of Luck (grants Alz)

We will publish the full droplist once the event starts. Keep checking this thread as we plan on revealing the details of the other big event here first.

(And I’m totally not starting any rumours about upgrading events)

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