Cabal KR : Jan 04th 2012 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed the bug related to some quests (which are incorrectly named)
2. Fixed the bugged dialogs of some game systems
3. Fixed the bug that allow player to write the message in the Chat Box longer than the limit
4. Level of Battle Mode 3 skills in the skill window is displayed incorrectly

■ Changes

1. Changes the Item Appearance Change UI

  • Changed some UI texts
    • Apply : My Item
    • External : External material item
  • Added a check box into the UI
    • The check box is for confirmation that player wanted to destroy the External material item

2. Removed Christmas Tree and Santa Statues in Starting villages

3. Changed the system message color related to Saints’ Force Excalibur

■ Mission Wars

1. Fixed bugs that caused client disconnection while trying to register quest in Mission War Lobby

* The Battle Mode 3 system is still under the revising progress to re-balance the power between characters.

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