More info about Achievement System / BM3 in EP8

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Hmm, I just want to clear some hard-to-understand about EP8, because too many people asked me for those information. Hope it helps you!

> Information about Achievement / Title System
+ The Achievement System will replace the Title System in EP8
+ Old Titles will be converted into equivalent Achievements
+ Some Achievements will give the same bonus(es) as the equivalent old Titles, some gives different
+ Some Achievements are brand new (means there is no equivalent Title for it)
+ At once, player can choose to apply only one Achievement (just like Title)
+ Many Achievements have mutli-grades (just like Title)
+ Hidden Helper T Title will be removed (will not be converted into any Achievements)

> Information about BM3 System
+ Player won’t have to do all Quests from 31 Quest Capsules to get the BM3
+ Player can do any Quests (repeatable) from Morning Star Quest Chain to obtain Stain Clones
+ Stain Clones can be obtained from Quests from Quest Capsules
+ Player needs only Stain Clones for crafting BM3 skills
+ Quest Capsules for Morning Star Quest Chain are dropped from Lakeside – Porta Inferno


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