Korean Patch notes Dec 21st 2011

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<This is the patch notes for the stable / public server>

■ Fixes

1. Fixes for Appearance Change system

  • The UI for the Appearance Change system displayed abnormally
  • When trying to change the appearance of an equipped item the UI did not display
  • Appearance Change result for Lycanus / Mithril crystals are abnormal

2. Some fixes for the UI of Achievement system

3. Trying to destroy the “Purify Epaulet” in Forgotten Temple B1F caused error in some situations

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Battle Mode 3

  • Change the casting effect of Basic Skill A/B of Wizard BM3
  • Some adjustments for the Basic Skills / Special Moves for all class for rebalancing the power

2. Change the cooldown time of Force Kick

  • Old : – 4 seconds / level
  • Change : – 5.1 seconds / level

3. Changes related to entrance item of Merchants’ Submarine Valley

  • The entrance item which is sold by NPC Grocer Libert in Green Despair is account binding
  • Old entrance item will be changed to account binding too
  • Remove the category for “Hatching Egg” in the Auction Hall
    • If player registered it in the Auction Hall, the registration will be expired

■ Additions

1. Add the category for Upgrading Safeguards in the Auction Hall

  • Upgrading-related items > Others > Upgrading Safeguards > Low/Medium/High/Highest

■ Mission War

1. Mission War Lv.140 ~ 169 / Lv.170 ~ 180 adjustment

  • Character armor and HP upgraded
    • i) Lv.140 ~ 169
      • Old: Def x 1.5 – HP x 5
      • Change: Def x 1.75 – HP x 6
    • ii) Lv.170 ~ 180
      • Old: Def x 1.5 – HP x 5
      • Change: Def x 2 – HP x 7
  • Legacy Guardian / Sage Ensign / War Gate Stats raised
  • Force Tower Abilities raised

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