Korean Patch notes Dec 15th 2011

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Fixes1. Morning Star Part 28th – 31st could not be performed

2. Under certain situations, moving character caused client disconnection

3. Quest abandoning confirmation window displayed abnormally

4. Some quest items in DX Dungeon for Morning Star quests could not be obtained

Changes1. Changes related to Morning Star quests

  • Change the way to obtain the quest item for some monsters
    • Quest items will drop at 100% chance (items from last Bosses)
      • Part 14th : Panic Cave (Normal)
      • Part 17th : Steamer Crazy (Normal)
      • Part 20th : Catacomb Frost (Normal)
      • Part 23rd : Lava Hellfire (Normal)
      • Part 28th : Panic Cave (Premium)
      • Part 29th : Steamer Crazy (Premium)
      • Part 30th : Catacomb Frost (Premium)
      • Part 31st : Lava Hellfire (Premium)

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