Korean Patch Notes Dec 14th 2011

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Public Server

<will be applied to the EP8 content>

■ Fixes

1. Rebuff sometimes bugged when the duration of Buff is running out2. Under certain situations, Mercenaries could not attack the last Boss Nuale in Panic Cave3. Battle Mode 3 Error Correction

  • Force Blader Battle Mode Step 3 Skill Book manufacturing produced unusual items
  • Battle Mode 3 Warrior Skill Name Skill  in tooltip displayed incorrectly

4. Achievement / Title Error Correction

  • When clearing a dungeon, Achievement did not increase the amount of finished
  • Some bonuses which are displayed in the description but do not apply in real
  • Guild related Title / Achievement are bugged when joining  / leaving a guild
  • Under certain situations,  the title / achievement display abnormally HP Auto Heal

5. Stats of Epaulet turned into unusual stats

6. Attack patterns of monsters in Porta Inferno are abnormal

8. The price of Oath of Sacrifice and Oath of Protection do not display in the Auction Hall

■ Changes

1. Field / dungeon changes

  • Change related to Merchants’ Submarine Valley DX Dungeon
    • Boss in the dungeon now has the ability to debuff Attack Down (in all difficulties)
    • Boss in Easy, Normal difficulty lower the damage
  • Change Porta Inferno
    • Increase the level and change the position of some monsters
    • Raise the EXP of some monsters
    • Adjust the Attack range of some monsters
    • Change the spawn location of Dark Kimzark
  • From Lakeside to Porta Inferno change the respawning time of monsters (faster)
  • Change the icon grade of “Flame Emperor Zombie” in “Tower of the Dead B2F”
    • General => Boss

2. Change Quests

  • Level 180 Battle Style level up quest compensation changes
    • Compensate additional 8,000,000 EXP
  • Changing the start NPC of quests
    • Quest:
      • Beginner Warrior support (Weakened the Tower of the Dead B1F)
      • Mission: The Tower of the Dead B1F weakened
    • Change the NPC:
      • Officer Henkoff => Officer Morrison
  • Some minor quest adjustments

3. Achievement / Title Changes

  • In the Achievements tab, the message changes, based on the state of title
    • Using Title: Applied Title
    • Other Title: Title
  • Allow comparing between title by moving the mouse on the image (▶)

4. Some foster change category

  • ‘Kilian’s tissue cells’ item can be registered in Auction Hall
  • Change the sort order of Weapons / Armor categories
    • Current: Based on Battle Style
    • Change: Based on Grade

5. Change the UI appearance to the material used for exterior changes will be destroyed Additional information message

6. Allow pressing ‘N’ to close the Cash Tab Page in NPC shop

7. Changes related to the item comparison

■ Additions

1. Add the Christmas trees and statue Villages


Test Server

<will not be applied to the EP8 content – may be here is the EP9 content>

■ Changes

1. The character level cap raised to 190-level change2. Additional 190-level battle style upgrade quest

3. By reaching level 190, a new title will be obtained

  • “Nevareth Frontier”

4. Chaos Arena Lv.6 dungeon raises the limit up to level 190

5. Premium Wing / Blessing Bead EXP raise the level limitation to level 190

6. Battle Mode 3 changes

  • Basic / Special Skill raise the amplification and addition damage

■ Additions

1. Add new SP bar to the game UI

■ Mission War

1. Mission War change

  • 170 – 180 Mission War changes to 170 – 190

2. Mission War Lv.140 ~ 169 / Lv.170 ~ 190 adjustment

  • Character armor and HP upgraded
    • i) Lv.140 ~ 169
      • Existing: Def x 1.5 – HP x 5
      • Change: Def x 1.75 – HP x 6
    • ii) Lv.170 ~ 190
      • Existing: Def x 1.5 – HP x 5
      • Change: Def x 2 – HP x 7
  • Legacy Guardian / Sage Ensign / War Gate Stats raised
  • Force Tower Abilities raised

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