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Christmas is almost here, and to celebrate the season we have some great events! Christmas in Nevareth means spending some quality time with family and friends, giving gifts… and mercilessly slaughtering the giant Snowmen! For the next 3 weeks (until the 4th of January 2012) you can take part in the following:


What would a Christmas be without some good old-fashioned giant monsters to hunt down and kill? This year two kinds of giant (abominable? you be the judge!) snowmen have escaped into Nevareth, and it’s up to you to destroy them!


The lower maps, from Desert Scream to Fort Ruina sees the Solo Snowman wandering around, with some good items to be looted for lower-level players. Rumour has it that this Monster will pose no threat to high-level, experienced players, but lower-level players may want to tread cautiously! With a droplist that includes short-duration Holy Water, low Dungeon Entries, +1 Rings of Luck and Critical Rings, and more this is the perfect target for lower-levels!


Now this is what higher-level players need. Do not be fooled by the cute appearance! This couple makes for a deadly enemy, and you best gather up your friends and guildmates before tackling one of these terrors. Found from the Undead Ground to Porta Inferno this monster is not aggressive – unless you attack it! The Couple Snowman includes Epaulettes (from +7 to Drei Frame), Holy Water, Level 4 Pots, Astral Vehicles of all kinds, and of course the two special Event Mercenary Cards: The Solo Snowman Mercenary, and the Couple Snowman Mercenary. These are only available from this event, so if you want them you will have to start hunting these Event Mobs!

Mercenary Stats (Solo Snowman)
Single Passive Buffs

  • Attack +10
  • Magic Attack +10
  • Attack Rate +50
  • Sword Amp + 2%
  • Magic Amp +2%

Mercenary Stats (Couple Snowman)
Single Passive Buffs

  • Defense +20
  • Defence Rate +100
  • HP +100

Party Active Buff

  • Increase SP Regen +50
  • Duration 30 Seconds
  • Cooldown 300 Seconds

It’s Christmas, so why not give a gift to a friend? Buy a Christmas Wreath from the Event NPC for 250,000 Alz, and give someone a present! Inside you will find costumes, weapons skins, event items and more! Or maybe you just feel like changing your appearance for a couple of hours. So sit back, relax, and have fun with some costumes.


This one is for our lower-level players. Speak to the Event NPC, and complete the quest ‘Tower of Sages Divide’ to claim your reward: An armour part of your choice for your character class that will serve as a stepping stone to building your character! So if you are a new player who wants a bit of help in terms of gear then this event is for you!

All events will be applied during the weekly maintenance tomorrow, 14.12.2011


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