Korean Patch Notes Nov 30th 2011

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■ Fixes

1. Battle Mode 3 related errors correction

  • Animation effects of some classes in Battle Mode 3 displayed abnormally
  • Damage in Battle Mode 3 in some situation did not apply correctly
  • Cannot register Battle Mode 3 Skill into Quick-slot while being in town

2. Worn costumes cannot be extracted

3. Buff skills effects after reconnecting in some situations display incorrectly

4. Add Damage Rune bonus does not apply even when it triggered

■ Changes

1. Battle Mode 3 related changes

  • Based on Battle Mode 3 level, skills’ amplification changes
  • All skills of Battle Mode 3 of all classes have been increased the Amplification and decreased the Range (skill area)
  • Force Archer / Force Shielder Battle Mode 3 : Remove the piercing effect of  basic skills
  • Force Archer / Blader Battle Mode 3 : Change way of applying Add Damage property
    • Add Damage effect works only with single target
    • If there are 2 or more targets, the base-damage will be applied
  • Change the icons of Battle Mode 3 3rd skills

2. Changes related to New Chaos Lamp

  • Change item name
    • New Chaos Lamp Option => Cleansing of the Mysterious
  • Changing the lamp image, based on grade

3. Adjust the EXP reward of general and scenario quests below level 100

4. Adjust the difficulty of  new DX Submarine Valley Traders

  • From Easy – Hard, monsters can debuff HP/Defense of player

5. Morning Star quests and daily quests added/modified

i) Change the details of Morning Star Quest Mission

  • Morning Star Chapter 1 – The basics of Patience
    •  Mission: Mutant Forest
      • 145x Ecto Flower
      • 145x Mushid
  • Morning Star Chapter 2 – The pain of Endurance
    • Mission: Pontus Ferrum
      • 145x UMD-01 Brachium
      • 145x UMD-02 Cornus
  • Morning Star Chapter 3 – The culmination of Patience
    • Mission: Porta Inferno
      • 145x Incubus
      • 145x Succubus

ii) Add new daily quest related to Battle Mode 3

  • Quest name: Morning Star training support
  • Perform Level: Lv.130 / BSLv.14 grade or higher
  • Start NPC: Instructor Harper – Port Lux
  • Reward: Morning Star Chapter 1 – Chapter 3 1 of the Housing
  • Limit: Once per day

6. Change the starting point of Tower of the Dead B1F to safe zone.

7. Stop selling Chaos Infinity dungeon entry in NPC

8. Cash shop items changes

  • Oath of Sacrifice / Protection can be registered in Auction Hall in Functional Items > Special Items > Oath of Sacrifice / Protection

9. Confirmation window will be appeared when achievement changed

■ Additions

1. Add pet-related confirmation message

  • Confirmation message will be appeared when player tries to use pet sleeping kit, pet safety kit, pet training kit
  • Confirmation will be appeared when player tries to unseal a sealed pet


■ Temporary suspend contents

  • Property Granting for Epaulet is temporarily suspended, included
    • New Formula Card for making slots for Epaulets in the new DX Submarine Valley Traders
    • +7, SIG-Metal, +8, Drei-Frame Epaulet won’t be extracted
    • Adding slot for Epaulets with Formula Card / Slot Extender have been disabled
    • Removed Epaulet Option Scroll category in Auction Hall
  • Chaos Infinity is temporarily suspended

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