CABAL EU introduces new promotion, Dungeon of the Week

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CABAL EU introduces new promotion, Dungeon of the Week : HERE

Here it the sneek peak of that, let’s check it out


Welcome to a brand new weekly promotion for CABAL Europe. Every week we will feature one of the many dungeons, offering some facts, figures, history, and of course great deals from the Item Shop. We are starting out with The Illusion Castle.

Name: Illusion Castle Underworld
Introduced: March 2010
Entry Level Requirement: 120
Entrance Location: Lakeside 3
Duration: 2 Hours
Number of chests: 10 without side-quests or bonus chests.
Bonus Quests: 1 Extra Boss including a Chest, and one bonus Chest per party member
Title for completing: Distorted Soul Saviour (Resist Skill Amp %)
Interesting Facts:

  • Illusion Castle was the first dungeon with Unique Items – the Lycanus grade weapons, which are character-binding and have 3 different craft options and up to 1 slot.
  • Illusion Castle has one boss with three different forms, and you have to select which form you want to fight against.
  • The Dungeon was the second in CABAL to have a free-moving camera, and the environment inside makes good use of this, with crevasses dropping down into darkness as you move over narrow stone bridges.
  • There is a huge machine in the dungeon that was part of a discarded quest chain, and it can still be destroyed. Some players like to spread rumours that this has an effect on the droprate.
  • The Illusion Castle was the first to incorporate a ‘trap’ Treasure Chest

Daily Quests

  • Prewitt in Bloody Ice: 2.5 Million Exp for killing 10 Illusion Minotaurs
  • Henkoff in Bloody Ice: 3 Guild Points for killing the Enraged Kanaph Lycanus

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