Cabal Mercenary List

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I’ve made this for people who still confuses about new Mercenaries in-game, here is the list of all Mercenaries, up to Nov 16th 2011 KR update

Character Mercenaries are so easy to understand 🙂 So I skip to NPC/Monster Mercenaries (Faith / Dazzlement in game):

NPCs : Yuan – Arionel – Rin (aka Lynn in KR Cabal) – Freed – Black Bard (All from Cash Shop – and some event)
Monsters : Vampire (EoD1) , Perzen Bhha (EoD2) , Bicry (SoD) , Chakris (FT1 – not-implemented-yet) , Ispita (FT2 – not-implemented-yet) , Syasor (FI), Angelo (AoS1) , Makusha (AoS2 – not-implemented-yet) , Maga (IC1 – not-implemented-yet) , Ratzel of Wind (IC2 – not-implemented-yet) , Druga (FT1) , Maximum-Level-Rabit (Event) , Snowman (Event) , Snowman-Couple (Event)


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