Korean Cabal Patch notes Jul 27th 2011

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■ Modifications

  1. Fixed the bug that caused disappearing of mouse when editing guild information
  2. Quest “Those who wander in the darkness” is now fixed, can be finished
  3. In some situations, starting location in Illusion Castle is abnormal, bug is fixed
  4. Remote Shop Card caused DC in some situations, bug is fixed
  5. In some situations, Force Archer’s Astral Bow caused error when summoning
  6. Bike Option Scroll in Auction Hall caused error when searching, bug is fixed
  7. Saint’s Island sometime caused error when entering
  8. Fixed bug of changing channel / server messages
  9. “Sage’s Tower” quest is now fixed the ending scroll bug

■ Changes

  1. Adding buddy changes
    • Confirmation window will be show with Name, Level and Battle Style of requester
    • A buddy who is receiving a request of adding buddy can not be requested to add as buddy
  2. Some changes added to guild system

■ Additions

  1. Fixed bug that caused client could not handle file manipulating

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