Korean Cabal Patch Notes Jun 29th 2011

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Update Date : Jun 29th 2011

■ Modifications

  • Animations of Astral Weapon of Force Shielder sometimes display incorrectly, bug is fixed
  • WEXP exchange window displays unusual error, bug is fixed
  • Remote Warehouse via RW3 Bike card sometimes malfunctioned, bug is fixed
  • Fixed bug caused by using Remote Shop Card
  • Fixed bug that created extra slot for Accessories after crafting
  • Can not see the Warp in Lakeside, bug is fixed
  • Buying items from NPC for crafting in Mutant Forest and Forgotten Temple B1F sometimes caused error, bug is fixed
  • Fixed bug of displaying titles
  • Fixed bug that caused when using Battle Mode, sometimes could not receive all ability

■ Changes

  • Tooltip redesign
    • Redesigned tooltip of:
      • Option Scroll
      • Formula Card
      • Skill
      • Mercenary
      • Buff potions
      • Board

■ Additions

  • Message appears when cleared dungeon

  • Added some information in confirmation window before sending of Mail system
    • Level
    • Battle Style

  • Bike Upgrading
    • Change Bike upgrading items


Astral Bike – Blue

Astral Bike – RW3






Bike Upgrade Kit (Low)

Upgrade Core (Medium)

Bike Upgrade Kit (Medium)

Upgrade Core (High)

Property Grant

Force Core (Medium)

Force Core (High)


Slot Extender (Medium)

Slot Extender (High)


Enchacer Bike Kit (Low)

Core enhancer (Medium)

Enchacer Bike Kit (Medium)

Core enhancer (High)

  • Board and Bike are now destroyable (extractable)
    • Board and Bike Option Scroll and Material Core (Bike) can be obtained
    • Number of Material Core and Option Scroll depends on Board and Bike upgrade level
    • Bike Option Scroll with different grades can be obtained
      • Bike Option Scroll (Medium) : Can be obtained by extracting Astral Bike Blue and Board
      • Bike Option Scroll (High) : Can be obtained by extracting Astral Bike RW3 and Board
      • Character Binding Board can not be extracted, example “Board of Phantom Pera”
      • Bike Drop changed
        • Bike drop with 0 – 2 slots
        • After using Slot extenders to extend the slot, the Bike will be bind with the same rule with other items
        • You can change the existing Bike to Bike with slot by using Temporary Formula Card
        • You can get Epic while crafting the Bike

  • Add new group quest
    • Quest Group: Lynn’s life story

Perform Level

Quest Name


Codename card line


The destruction of the family


The birth of big brother


People who remember Linn


Serpentine conspiracy

Stay tune for more update …


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