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Korean Update Patch Notes Jun 22nd 2011

Update Date : Jun 22nd 2011


  • Tooltip redesign
    • Change the design of Items and Skills tooltip

  • Some quests reward changes

Quest Name




Mission: Forgotten Temple B1F



Mission: Mutant Forest




Pontus perum




  • Change appearance of title window
    • Content of each title now displays easily to understand

  • Modify some monster sound
    • Weakened Lake in the Dusk: Weakened Ballu
    • Chaos Arena Lv.6: Chaostic Nadiel, Chaostic Yak Ari, Chaostic Device Pita
    • Lava Hellfire (Any difficulties): Lava Elemental
  • Equipment Set Bonus stat change

Item Grade

Bonus Defense

Bonus Defense Rate













  • Change the message of Auction House notice

■ Additions

  • Add a new quest
    • Quest Name: Another way to unseal
    • Can perform level: Lv. 85+ (BSLv 9 rating more)
    • Start NPC : Core Alchemist – Keller (Bloody Ice)
    • Content : Collect “Power sealed core” x 5
    • Quest items will drop from Mergaheph in Tower of Dead B1F with 100% rate
    • Reward: Sealed core of Mergaheph application
    • Quest items and Reward are Character-Binding
    • This quest will be replaced for old Mergaheph Ring quest. Player who finished old quest (and had Ring) can not get this quest
  • Mergaheph Ring manufaturing
    • Material : Sealed core of Mergaheph application x 50 + 1 Formula Card (Temporary)
    • NPC : Core Alchemist – Keller (Bloody Ice)
    • Price : 150,000,000 Alz
  • New Mission Field : “Saints’ Island” (view more here)
    • Location : Middle area of Lakeside
    • Entrance : Warp via Statue at the entrance of Illusion Castle
    • Allow only players with Nation enter

  • “Excalibur Force Saints” Weapon
    • In Mission field “Saints’ Island”, there is a named monster (temporary called : Golden Entrita) which drop “Excalibur Force Saints” Weapon.
    • Item has the duration.
    • In-game visual effect can be seen as Legacy Weapon

All Attack Up : 400
Atack Rate : 2000
Critical Rate Up : 15%
Critical DMG Up : 100%
All Skill Amp : 10%

Duration : 7 days

Saints’ Excalibur Force Weapon

  • Added new Quest for “Excalibur Force Saints”
    • Quest Name: Saints Excalibur Force
    • Required level: Lv. 110+ (BSLv 11 rating or higher)
    • Start NPC: Core Alchemist Yerte – Port Lux
  • Add new Title
    • Title for killing new Named-monster in new Field
  • Add DP reset time count down clock
    • Time remaining until DP reset displayed now in Character window
    • Format 00:00 (example : 02:13)

  • Add Mute button for floating Jukebox
    • Button for opening Jukebox Option now is Mute toggle button
    • State of button will be synced with Mute check box in Options

Stay tune for more update …

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