#KR #EP19P2 October 12th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Change the movement speed of some monsters in Acheron Arena Dungeon

■ Mission War

1. Mission War Balance Adjustment

  • Change the resurrection time from 35 seconds to 30 seconds after character’s death
  • Change the healing ratio from 50% to 300%
  • Increase HP/HP Heal/Attack of Legacy Guardian (S/M/L) and Gold Keeper in Mission War 170-200
  • Change the Gate respawn time from 3 mins to 2 mins
  • Change the cooldown of Odd Circle from 3 mins to 2 mins

2. Change of Force Tower

  • Change the Force Tower building list

  • Unified Force Tower
    • Merge Force Tower, instead of S/M/L
  • Remove HP Heal and HP Reduce Tower
  • Add “Force Tower – Resistance Increase”
    • Rise Resistance
    • Only available for non-portable Force Tower
  • Upgrade Force Tower ability
    • Force Tower – Attack: Increase Attack ability of the tower
    • Force Tower – Resurrection / Warp: Increase the availability from 10 players to 30 players
      • 30 players can use one Force Tower at once
    • Increase HP, Speed, Repair speed of Force Towers


  • Change related to portable Force Tower
    • For portable Force Tower, only aggressive towers can be build
      • Attack / Attack Power Increase / Defense Power Decrease
    • Construction time/ Duration adjustment


3. Changes related to Legacy Box drop

  • Drop method
    • Tierra Gloriosa
      • Old: Box drop for first time occupying of that tower
      • New: Every time tower is occupied
    • Memoria Chrysos
      • Old: Box drop for first time Guardian is killed
      • New: Every time guardian is killed
  • Change the quantity of box drops


  • Add two new War Pottion
    • War Attack Potion (Lv4)
      • Increase Attack by 75
      • Duration: 180s
      • Cooldown: 30s
    • Master Potion of War (Lv4)
      • Increase Skill Amp. by 15%
      • Duration: 180s
      • Cooldown: 30s
    • Remove Sword Master/ Magic Master Potion drop

4. Change the item list for selling in Battle area

  •  Vital Gear (Lv4)
    •  Recover: 15,000
    • Price:
      • 10: 200,000 Alz
      • 100: 2,000,000 Alz


Next Week update

1. Increase limitation of players per country:

  • War Area: From 125 to 140
  • Lobby Area: From 125 to 160

2. Change the compensation / penalty for war

3. HP bonus changes

  • Old: 8x of original HP
  • New: 15x of original HP
  • Auto HP reduction effect still be 8x of original value(Damage over time)
  • HP Auto heal still be 8x of original value

4. New Buff skill

5. New Buff skill cannot be used in mission war but can be used for normal field




[EP12] [KR] Sep 17th 2014 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that produced abnormally when showing the Guardian information

2. Fixed visual bugs related to combo bar

3. Fixed bug related to obtain the Effector equipment of Gladiator

4. Fixed bug related to bulk purchase

5. Fixed bug related to abnormal color of text in bike after using Bike Epic Converter


■ Changes

1. Guild system change

  • Guild Level Expansion : Extend the guild level from 5 to 12
    • Extend the guild level caps
    • Guild at level 6 and above and be leveled up by buying the “Guild Level-up” in Guild Shop


  • Add Guild Shop
    • Can be open via Guild Menu in Guild Window
    • Limitation
      • Guild level 2 and higher
      • Members who are authorized by Guild Master or in an authorized Guild Group
    •  Purchase
      • Item are available to purchase in Alz / AP
      • Items: Guild level-up and War Potions
      • Unable to sell item into the shop
  • Guild level-up item
    • Available in Guild Shop
    • Limitation
      • Available only when guild level reached the required level
      • Only Guild master can use
      • Usable only when guild reached the required guild point
    • Purchase


  • Guild War Potions
    • Available in Guild Shop
    • Information
      • Mission Battlefield only
      • Potion with similar effect cannot to be used at once
      • Character bind, up more than 999
      • Duration 180 seconds
      • Cooldown 30 seconds
    • Types and options


  • Achievements and Titles for new Guild Level


2. Added Archridium Grade Crafting

  • Add the Archridium crafting for both Craftsman and Master grade
  • Options are the same comparing to Mithril items

3. Crafting: 2-slot items crafting success rate raised

4. Changes to the Blended Rune recipe (use Strike Pray rune for example, same for others)

  • Changes to existing recipes
    • Rename, add “I” at the end of existing recipe
    • Old: Strike Pray
    • Change: Strike Pray I
  • Determination the output of Blended Rune production
    • Old: By producing, the output will be randomized between Strike Pray I, II and III
    • Change: By selecting the corresponding recipe the output will be definitely determinable


  • Add new recipes
    • For all existing recipes, add the II and III grades

5. Changes to DP Shop

  • Item Removal
    • Cube of Enchant (Low)
    • Cube of Enchant (Medium)
    • Cube of Enchant (High)
    • Cube of Enchant (Highest)
  • Item Addition
    • Cube Potion
      • Fee: 10 DP
      • Output: Random one of below
        • HP Potion (Lv. 4)
        • Holy Water of Sage/Fighter/Critical/Resistance
        • Damage Reduction/Accuracy Potion
    • Cube of Option Scroll (High)
      • Fee: 20 DP
      • Output: Weapon/Armor/Bike Option Scroll (High)
    • Cube of Option Scroll (Highest)
      • Fee: 40 DP
      • Output: Weapon/Armor/Bike Option (Highest)
    • Essence Rune Cube
      • Fee: 60 DP
      • Output: All kinds of Essence Rune

6. Changes related to dungeon compensation

7. Changes that some monsters which was unable to target before, now are targetable

8. Change the way of rendering Helmet


■  Additions

1. Add the Awakening Hazardous Valley (DX)


  • Entry Information
    • Entry Location: Same with the normal Hazardous Valley
    • Number of players: Up to 3
    • Minimum Level: 160
    • Entry Item:
    • Item name: Nearly-hatching Egg (Awakening)
    • Selling NPC: Libert – Grocer – Green Despair
    • Price: 3,000,000 Al
  • Orphidia’s Amulet:
    • Unique Amulet that drops in Hazardous Valley (Awakening)


    • Character-binding item
    • Options:
      • 4x Normal options
      • 3x Unique options (random)
    • Based on the box that gives the amulet, normal options will be vary

20140917_sep17_orphidia_fixed2 20140917_sep17_orphidia_stats