Cabal Online : Episode 19 : Drop Table

No need to wonder before entering a dungeon. Here you are, the ultimate drop table (up to Episode 19).

The drop table is extracted from the official server with original settings; for each publisher, they might do different customisations for drop table. So expect differences 🙂


[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 18th 2012 Patch notes


■  Fixes

1. While game is loading, pressing ESC cause the menu displays and client disconnection

2. Fix bug that caused unable to achieve ’The Guardian hates me’ achievement

3. Fix bug that displays abnormal characters in System Message window



■  Changes

1. Cooldown changes

  • Change that cooldown of skills will NOT reinitialized when character dies or client reconnects
  • Apply the same rule to some skills / items
  • Storing remaining cooldown duration when player changes world / switches channel (including Mission War)
    • The remaining cooldown duration will be saved as percentage
      • Ex : In normal channel, player has 15s of Battle Mode cooldown left. That time will be calculated as 50% of 30s (full cooldown). So when player switches between channels it will be maintained. Specially in the case of switching in/out Mission War channel, since the cooldown of certain skills is calculated differently. So if that character switches into Mission War channel, the remaining cooldown duration still be 50%, and it will be 150s (50% of 300s)

2. Dungeon re-entering changes

  • Re-entering an in-progress dungeon when
    • Dungeon is paused : Keep player position
    • Dungeon is not paused : Move the character to the start position

3. Aggrosive related changes

  • “Aggro” will be determined by
    • Damage that dealed on monster by skill
    • In party, the player with highest “Aggro” will take the “Aggro”
    • Each skill has different “Aggro” affecting value
      • Including Debuff skills
  • “Aggro” will be re-initialized if there is no damage casted on monster for a certain duration

4. Provocation skill change

  • Provocation
    • Duration increment per skill level changed : up to 20s
    • Cooldown: 30s
    • Using for obtaining “Aggro”
    • Allow using Provocation and Field of Provocation simultaneously
  • Field of Provocation
    • Duration: Duration per skill level increased to 1.5s (maxium 30s)
    • Using for obtaining “Aggro”
    • Cooltime of Provocation and Field of Provocation will be synchronized simultaneously (cannot use both when cooltime of other is not passed)

5. Sword / Magic Skill integration

  • Old : Sword / Magic skills were divided into separated tab
  • Change : Sword / Magic skills are now merged
  • Skills are now divided into Attack / Secondary / Strengthening / Special categories
    • Attack : Direct attack skills
    • Secondary : Buff / Debuff / Heal / Movement skills
    • Strengthening : Passive skills (do not need to be casted – automatically apply to character)
    • Special : no change (same as current)
  • Change the Instructor NPC skill UI to tab UI with Attack / Secondary / Strengthening tabs
  • Change the skill UI to tab UI with Attack / Secondary / Strengthening / Special tabs

6. Change related to Upgrade Skills

  • Instructor NPC will now sell only Skill Books for Upgrade Skills at level 1
  • Stop drop Skill Books for Upgrade Skills with level 2 and above in Chaos Arena
  • Allow using skill book for Upgrade Skills with level higher than 1 to learn directly
  • Allow to keep Skill Books of Upgrade Skills with level higher than 1

7. Specific Skill changes

  • Merge the effect of Sharpness and Manacondense
    • Skill effect : Increase Attack and Magic Attack
    • Stop selling Manacondense Skill Book
  • Merge the effect of Precision and Repulsive Armor
    • Skill effect : Increase Attack Rate and Defense Rate
    • Stop selling Repulsive Armor Skill Book
  • Delete Blade Force, Blade Aura skill
  • Change the required skill rank of Soul Blade to Regular
  • Change the Blade Buffs of Force Blader to infinite duration

8. Skill point consumption are differently applied based on skill rank

  • Novice, Apprentice : Consume 1 skill point per skill level
  • Regular, Expert, A. Expert : Consume 2 skill points per skill level
    • Some A. Expert Canon skills : Consume 3 skill points per skill level
  • Master, A. Master, Grand Master : Consume 3 skill points per skill level
  • Completer : Consume 4 skill points per skill level
  • Transcender:
    • When Transcender Rank Point <= 50 : Consume 5 skill points per skill level
    • When Transcender Rank Point > 50 : Consume 6 skill points per skill level

9. Special skill will be applicable when equipping correct Weapon / Legacy Weapon

10. Amount of Skill EXP compensated from Quests and WEXP exchanging are doubled (compare to existing)

11. Skill Type deletion

  • Delete Skill Type : Strengthen Equipments , Strengthen Attack Skill, Strengthen Spirit,…
  • Buff Skills can be applied to character, regardless of kinds of available on character (total number of buff skills is still limited as existing)
  • Some buff skills can not be nested
    • Ex) Force Blader Blade Buff skills

12. Aura mode changes

  • Old : Aura skill is represented by one skill
  • Change : Based on Aura Code, skill details will be displayed differently
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Tooltip
  • Regardless of Aura Code, the stats is the same

13. State effect display

  • All effect with duration will be displayed with status icon (with counting down until release)
  • Location : on the right-side of screen
  • Display effects including:
    • Stun / Unmovable / Down / Knock-back / Silence

14. Cabal Birthday achievement related changes

  • Achievement condition change
    • Achievement condition : Wear Happy Birthday Ring
  • Achievement description changes

15. Shadow effect related improvements

  • Add shadow effects for
    • Human NPC (means : excluding object NPC)
    • Other players’ pet
    • Personal Store
  • The shadow effects will be changed, based on Sun / light source of each map

16. Decrease loading delay time

17. Change the System Message interval that related to Special Inventory



■  Additions

1. Add New Mission Dungeon “Tower of Undead B3F”

  • Information:
    • Required :
      • Level : 155+
      • BSLv 11+
    • Entrance location:
      • Central of Undead Ground (where Tower of Undead is)
    • Dungeon time : 10 minutes (time will be increased with time-bonus-mechanism) (like Marquinas Outpost)
    • Entry Item : Epaulet of the Dead B3F
    • DP Compensation : 11
  • Epaulet of the Dead B3F
    • Epaulet of the Dead B3F is sold by NPC Deighton (Grocer) in Bloody Ice
    • Price 5,000,000 Alz
    • Property : Account binding
    • Do not drop in game
  • Drop-able items
    • New set of equipment : Acredium Set
    • Astral Bike – Type PW5
    • RoL +3 / CR +3
    • Earrings and Bracelets +8
    • Bike Epic Converter (Highest)
    • Essence Rune (Hit)
  • Allow using up to 10 of Odd Circles item per dungeon run

2. Add Tempus’s Ring

  • New Unique Ring that requires Killian’s Ring and Quest Item (Sealed Ring) from Tower of Undead B3F as material for requesting
  • Requesting Information
    • Required Amity Point : 0
    • Registration Fee : 300,000,000 Alz Or 15 Chloe’s Token
    • Required Materials:
      • Killian’s Ring
      • Sealed Ring of Tempus
      • Slot Extender (High)
    • Requesting Result : Tempus’s Ring
    • Requesting Success Rate : 100%
  • Options
    • Basic options:
      • Critical Rate : +16%
      • Critical Damage : +5%
    • Epic options:
      • All Attack Up : +15
      • Hit : +50
      • HP : +50
    • Slot options:
      • Penetrating : +10

3. Add 6 daily quests related to Tower of Undead B3F

  • Required Level : 155+
  • Quest: Delivery Accident
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Bodyguard Hursurf
    • Mission : Defeat Duriel (?)
  • Quest : Queen Rowdy
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton
    • Mission : Defeat Eliana Estrela
  • Quest : The Strength of Evidence
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Armor Dealer Simon
    • Mission : Defeat Abyssal Tenes
  • Quest : Black Sage
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Core Alchemist Keller
    • Mission : Defeat Black Sage Acredium
  • Quest : Sword of Karajan
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Weapon Dealer Prewitt
    • Mission : Defeat Karajan
  • Quest : Jersey Invasion
    • Start and End NPC : Bloody Ice Officer Henkoff
    • Mission : Kill the Immortal Tempus
  • Quest Reward : Option Scroll Cube (Highest)
    • Output can be Weapon / Armor / Bike option scroll
    • All option scrolls including Sword Skill Amp. / Magic Skill Amp. at Highest level can be obtained from the cube
    • Option Scroll Cube (Highest) is account binding

4. Tower of Undead B3F achievements added

  • Dungeon : 6
  • Hunting : 15

5. Add new set of equipment

  • Acredinium Weapons / Armors / Epaulets
  • Can be obtained in Tower of Undead B3F
  • Basic Stats


6. Add new Astral Bike – Type PW5 :

  • There is low chance to get the new bike in Tower of Undead B3F, the drop rate is subjected to be changed later.
  • There is low chance to get Converter for new Bike grade in Tower of Undead B3F that can grant Epic option to new Bike
  • New bike consumes Upgrade Core (Highest) / Force Core (Highest) / Slot Extender (Highest) / Bike Option Scroll (Highest) for strengthening
  • Requesting recipe that allows converting new bike to acquire up to 2 slot will be added to the Amity System
  • Add the feature that allows owner of Astral Bike – PW5 can use Personal Warehouse feature
    • Right click on Bike to access feature, allow using when Bike is in inventory or in Warehouse
    • Character binding items can be stored
      • Quest items cannot be stored
    • Consists of five tabs with 10 slots
    • Number of tabs depends on upgrading level of Bike

7. Add the Formula that increases HP according to the STR stat

8. Add new Charm

  • Add Minesta Amber Charm +0 ~ +7
    • Basic options:
      • Defense increase
      • HP increase
      • Damage Reduction
    • Epic options:
      • Same with other Charms
  • Add Amber Charm strengthening ability
    • Add new recipes for strengthening Amber Charm (1 ~ 7)
  • Add Minestar Amber Charm +0 ~ +6 in the available outputs of Diamond Cube

9. Add Charm Combination feature

  • Charm Combination
    • Minesta Red / Green / Yellow Sapphire Charm +7
    • Minesta Blue / Green / Yellow Ruby Charm +7
    • Minesta Red/ Blue / Yellow Emerald Charm +7
    • Minesta Red / Green / Blue Amber Charm +7
  • New Charm Combination requesting recipes
    • Add recipe : Sapphire (Ruby / Emerald / Amber) Charm
      • Add new recipe for combining Sapphire (Ruby / Emerald / Amber) Charm

10. Add the categories for new combined Charms in Auction Hall

  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Amber
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Amber
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Amber

11. Add new Essence Rune – Hit



[EP10P2] [Info] Tower of Undead B3F Monsters and Bosses

Here are some Tower of Undead B3F Monsters and Bosses. Name of Monsters and Bosses might be not exact, these name are subjected to change. Click on small image to see full size 🙂

Have fun 🙂

[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 07th 2012 Patch notes


1. Fix bugs that caused unable to enter certain areas in Tower of Undead B3F dungeon

2. Fix bug related to abnormal attack pattern of monsters


1. Changes related to Tower of Undead B3F

  • Limitation of using Odd Circle changes, from 50 to 10
  • Change time bonus based on Boss Level
  • Raise the monsters’ ability (stats), entire dungeon

2. Stop selling Hit / Damage Reduction potions in NPC in Test Server

  • Delete all possessed potions in inventory of characters in Test Server


By the way, I want to update you all with some media 🙂





[KR] [EP10] Information about the next update

OK so the Cabal Expansion – Part VI : Arcane Trace is now live on public servers. Let’s heading to the next update 🙂 Below are some intentions from Korean Developers. Wanna check it out ?

The information of the next update will be separated into 4 parts, each will be revealed day by day. Stay tune for more 😉


Hmm while waiting, share your own opinion here

May 28th 2012 : First Part is Unlocked : Mission War Reform / New Mission War

– From now until this Winter the new Mission War are being in progress of developed.

– The new Mission War might be different from the current Mission War (TG) system. Might be in the large terrain.

– The ways to battle and claim the victory are promising 😉

– And by the way, there will be some changes to the War Leader (not only Bringer, might be more) and the Legacy Weapon.

May 29th 2012 : Second Part is Unlocked : Mass-Battle Adjustment

– So until now (in Korean Cabal) there are two Mission-Field : Saints’ Island and Arcane Trace. There are differences between them but both of them are field which included Mature content (violence, player-killing). That reduces the amount of player who can participate in (based on some Age-restrictions in several countries). So in the Next update the content of Battles will be revised to be more legal with younger players.

– By the way the idea of making new special Buff as reward for both Battles is being planned as well as the adjustment of monsters / bosses in Battle Fields.

May 30th 2012 : Third Part is Unlocked : New Mission-Dungeon? New Item Grade?

– Yep, sounds promising 😉 The Tower of Undead B3F is now under-development. It will be a new party-mission-dungeon which will introduce  some gameplay changes…

– Is that all? Nope chill down mates! You can expect for brand new item grade, better than Mithril! And might reform the Marquinas Outpost drop table.

May 31st 2012 : Fourth Part is Unlocked : Buffs / Stats / Battle Modes Revamp

– Are you boring of those old buffs which you use everyday? Yep, for sure! They are being under-revision. Let’s say… may be 2 buffs per character will be revised 😉

– Stats? We are all familiar with STR / INT / DEX. How about brand new stats? This point is under-revision too 🙂

– Battle Mode? You understand this for sure. After the introducing of BM3, old BMs seems to be more crap (most). They will be reconstructed to be balanced in some ways.

Still want to know more about EP10?

Let’s wait until it available on the Test Server of Korean Cabal.