[KR] [EP11] Nov 27th 2013 and Dec 04th 2013 Patch notes

Nov 27th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused Gladiator stop moving when player tried to move character by keyboard

2. Fixed bug related to “Critical Rate” option for Astral Bike – PW5, it was not applied normally

3. Client got disconnection abnormally in certain situations

■  Changes

1. Change the Honor compensation system

  • Honor Point, Honor Grade changes
    • Lowered comparing to old values


    • WExp compensation, in accordance with honor (each character will be compensated once)


  • Change the exchange rate from WEXP to Honor


  • Honor quest reward changes
    • Changes related to quests reward, now on completion, Honor Potion (Elxir) will be mailed to character, amount of Honor will be based on Battle Style Level


2. Changes related to Gladiator

  • Rage gives additional effects for skills
    • Attack Skills
      • Damage varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects the amount of “Additional Damage” and Attack skills’ stats
    • Heal Skills
      • Healing amount varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Heal skills’ stats
    • Buff skills
      • Buff stats varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Buff skills’ stats
  • Add secondary skills


  • HP amounts which is given from armor pieces of Gladiator are adjusted
  • Adjust the drop rate of Gladiator weapon / armor items
  • Improve the Fatal Attack Skill Stage 2 / 3 of Battle Mode 3 for Gladiator
  • Add effect for showing the Rage has been full-filled (10 Rages)
  • Add Gladiator items in NPC Item Boxes
    • Eite Weapon Box will give Chakram additionally as output
    • Agris Armor Box will give Gladiator armor parts additionally as output

3. Changes related to Auction Hall categories

  • Add
    • Minesta / Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone > Chakram
  • Deletion
    • Random Item > Cube Item > Shineguard / SIG-Metal Cube

Dec 04th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fix bugs related to Weakened Tower of the Dead B1F dungeon drop

  • Fixed bug that caused the Pierce Hound Zombie Quest item did not drop
  • Fixed bug that drop “Manacondense” Skill Book in dungeon

2. Fixed bug that caused the formulas for Attack Rate / HP did not apply normally

■  Changes

1. Gladiator related changes

  • Skill rebalancing are applied for Gladiator skills
  • Stats increasing per level up adjusted
  • Initial stats changed
  • Stats formulas changed
  • Rage-related handling on death / resurrection changed
    • When character revived in Village / Used Odd Circle / Used Honorable Odd Circle : Rage will be reset to 0
    • When character used Superior Odd Circle : Rage will be maintained
  • Added requirement stats for Gladiator on items
  • Added sound effects for Gladiator skills

2. Change Astral Bike – PW5 Extreme Upgrade stats


3. Change requirement for 190-Level Quest

  • Field mission change to “Hunt 40 monsters in Arcane Trace” (a specified kind of monster)

■  Additions

1. Add Character Slot Extender to NPC Shop

  • NPC
    • Grocer Sally in Fort Ruina
  • Item
    • Name: Character Slot Extender (7)
    • Properties: Character-Binding
  • Sale Price
    • 500,000,000 Alz

2. Add sound effects for all monsters in the Battlefield Nostalgia’s Forest


[KR] [EP11] Nov 20th 2013 Patch notes


1. Change that when Honor Point reached the maximum limitation, Honor Point can be obtained normally

2. Change that when creating new character, processing starting up quests might cause client disconnection

3. Change bugs related to character’s HP

4. Change bugs related to Bike Epic Resetting Scroll (in some situations might caused the slot option disappeared too)

5. Change upgrade items’ tooltip now including Bikes as Target


1. Mission Battlefield “Nostalgia Forest” changes

  • Change the allies and enemies selection rules
  • Battle HP Bar now display text on top
  • Increases area of Bush areas

2. Low level Unique-Bosses now drop 3 items at once instead of 2

3. Change color of items’ name

  • Extreme Core Lv.11/12
  • Minesta’ Chaotic Belt (3 types)


1. Add new battle style (new class), named “Gladiator”

  • Gladiator
    • Uses one-handed weapon and wears Armorset
    • Equipment
      • Weapon: Chakram
      • Armor: Armorset (like Warrior / Forceshielder)
    • Add new “Rage” system that affects on skills


  • “Rage” system
    • Add new Rage system
      • At this moment there is no usage of Rage, usages will be revealed later
    • Available for Gladiator only
    • On the top left of screen, merged into Character UI, number of Rage can be checked
    • By using skill, Rage will be gained
      • Rage will be gained only when Gladiator hits the target successfully
        • If target evades or character’s hit is missed, Rage won’t be gained
      • Rage can be gained when attacking both monsters and characters
      • By attacking dummy , Rage won’t be gained
    • In certain situations, Rage will be consumed when attack
    • Depending on Rage, skills’ stats (including attacks and buffs) are vary
    • Maximum of Rage amount bases on Battle Style rank
      • Higher Battle Style rank means higher maximum of Rage
    • Rage amount will be maintained for 5 seconds
      • After 5 seconds, Rage amount will be automatically reduced
      • For every 2 seconds, one Rage bar will be reduced


  • Chakram
    • Chakram is weapon for only Gladiator
    • Upgrade and Option Granting progresses are the same as existing one-handed weapons


    • Add new categories in Auction Hall for Chakram
    • Add new drops for Gladiator’s equipments
      • In all map and dungeons, Weapons and Armors for Gladiator are added
      • Added low-level unique weapons / armors drops
  • * All contents related to Gladiator will be kept changing in test server


2. Add new item “Siena’s Bracelet”

  • Add ability to extract “Prideus’s Bracelet”
    • When extracting gives 100% to get “Prideus’s Bracelet Piece”
      • Property: Character Binding
  • Add new item “Siena’s Bracelet Piece”
    • Details: Material to crafting Siena’s Bracelet
    • How to obtain: Can be obtained from Legendary Chest of final boss of Altar of Siena B2F
    • Property: Character Binding


  • Sealed Siena’s Bracelet
    • Right click to produce Siena’s Bracelet as output
    • Requesting



  • Siena’s bracelet
    • Higher grade of Prideus’s Bracelet
    • Can be obtained from Sealed Siena’s Bracelet
      • Chance to obtain Siena’s Bracelet with one slot filled with Accuracy or Penetration)


    • Wearing requirement
      • Level 135 or above
      • Honor grade 13 or above
    • Property: Character Binding
    • Stats


    • Add new category in Auction Hall: Accessories > Bracelets > Siena’s Bracelet
  • Add new Siena’s Bracelet Unbinding Stone
    • Gives chance to unbind character-binding Siena’s Bracelet
      • Property will be tradable after using successfully
    • On failure, Siena’s Bracelet will be destroyed
    • Add new category in Auction Hall: Unbinding Stone > Siena’s Bracelet Unbinding Stone

3. Character Slot Expansion

  • Character Limitation extended to 7 slots
  • In test server, Character Slot Expansion item can be bought from NPC Yul
    • When update is available for Public Server, Character Slot Expansion item can be bought for Alz


[KR] [EP11] Nov 13th 2013 Patch notes


1. Expansion of Bike Epic

  • Limitation
    • Old :
    • Sub-Epic : 3
    • Change : Top-Epic : 3
  • Depends on bike grade, limitation is vary
    • Blue Bike : Up to Top-Epic 1
    • RW3 Bike : Up to Top-Epic 2
    • PW5 Bike : Up to Top-Epic 3
  • Bike Epic Converter will generate randomly output, based on bike grade


2. Change the way of displaying skill tooltips

  • Target
    • Skill which will decrease character stats
    • Ex) Bloody Spirit, Mortal Bane
  • Changes
    • Change the way of displaying stats
      • Old : Defense -60%
      • Change : Defense x40%



1. New Mission Battle “Nostalgia Forest”

  • Nostalgia Forest
    • New standard Mission Battlefield
    • Battle between two teams, each team has 3 members, up to 6 players in a battle
    • Entry method: Via Mission Battle NPC
      • Procyon : Instructor Gette – Desert Scream
      • Capella : Instructor Kallua – Green Despair


    • Entry limitation: Character at 150+ with nation
  • Duration
    • 50 minutes


  • Victory
    • Battle will be ended before the time is out, when the “Altar of Ancient” is destroyed
      • Winning team is the team which destroyed the altar
    • Battle will be ended when the time is out
      • Winning team is the team which has more score
  • Point
    • Each team has its own point
    • Scoring point method
      • Point will automatically increase by 5 for every 5 secs (subject to be changed)
      • Kill opposite team’s member
      • Kill monsters
      • Destroy battle buildings


  • Score
    • Score will be sum amount of points
    • Score will be calculated to level
    • How to score
      • Score will automatically increase by 10 for every 5 secs (subject to be changed)
      • By scoring point of team’s member will be added to team’s score


  • Battlefield level
    • Battlefield level is the team’s level, that will be applied in Nostalgia Forest
    • Level will raise based on team’s score
    • Stats of battle will be depended on Battle level


  • Basic Buffs
    • Basic Buffs are available in 4 types
      • Strengthen Attack
      • Strengthen Defense
      • Strengthen Critical
      • Strengthen Resistance
    • When chacter entered Mission Battlefield a random Buff will be applied (randomly choosen from 4 types)
    • Buffs are able to level up by buying
      • Buffs are able to buy from Buff Store
      • Buying Buff consumes Point
  • Special Battle Rules
    • Applying different skill stats, skill duration, skill cooldown
    • Recovery Potions / Buff Potions / Special Potions / Holy Water Potions are unable to use
    • Only Party chat is usable in Battlefield
  • Bush Areas
    • Bush Area is special area in game that
      • Opposite Team’s members cannot see other ones
      • Opposite Team’s members cannot attack other ones

2. Chaos Enhancement System

  • Add new accessories : Minesta’s Chaotic Belt
  • Type:
    • Minesta’s Belt of Guardian
    • Minesta’s Belt of Fighter
    • Minesta’s Belt of Sage


  • Acquisition
    • Purchasable from Deighton (Grocer) in Bloody Ice
    • Price:
      • 2,000,000 Alz
      • Stain Clones x1


  • Belt options: Based on Belt type, different options are available


  • Upgrading
    • Minesta’s Chaotic Belt can be upgraded
      • Minesta’s Chaotic Belt can be upgrade via Chaos Upgrading System
      • Belt will be destroyed on upgrading fail
      • Belt stats will be changed on upgrading success, based on grade


  • Chaos Upgrading
    • Material: Chaos Core


    • Chaos Upgraded items can not be upgraded via Extreme Upgrading System
    • Upgrade via Upgrading UI


    • Upgrade Point can not be used (won’t affect the Chaos Upgrading result)
  • Chaos Core
    • Chaos Core is material for Chaos Upgrading
    • Can be acquired via Requesting



    • Piece of Chaos can be gained as monster’s drop (in test server, Piece of Chaos can be bought from NPC Yul)
    • Property : Tradable
    • Add new category in Auction Hall
      • Upgrade related items > Core > Chaos Core

3. Add feature for Bike Extreme Upgrading

  • Bikes are now allowed to Extreme Upgrade
    • Extreme Upgrade for Bikes can be done via Alchemist NPCs


  • Limitation of Extreme Upgrade stage


  • Extreme Upgrading Fee for Bikes


  • Extreme Upgrading Options for Bikes


  • Penalty of Extreme Upgrading failure
    • Extreme Upgrading grade can be reset or unable to equip (repairable)

4. Add feature for initializing Bike Epic

  • Allow resetting Bike Epic option when using the Bike Epic Resetting Scroll
  • Bike Epic Resetting Scroll
    • Reset Bike’s Epic option when using on Bike with Epic option
    • Resetting Scroll will be destroyed after using
    • Resetting progress is 100% success
    • Property: Tradable
    • Add new category in Auction Hall:
      • Upgrade related items > Reset Scroll > Bike
    • In test server, Bike Epic Resetting Scroll can be purchased from NPC Yul


5. Add new Extreme Core / Extreme Core Pocket

  • Add new Extreme Cores
    • Types
      • Extreme Core (Lv. 11)
      • Extreme Core (Lv. 12)
    • Extreme Core extraction
      • Output will be Extreme Core pieces
    • Add new categories in Auction Hall
      • Upgrade related items > Core > Extreme Core
        • Lv. 11
        • Lv. 12
  • Add new output for Extreme Core Pocket (Unique / Premium)
    • Extreme Core Pocket (Unique)
      • 100% chance to generate 1 or more Extreme Core Lv. 10
      • Chance to generate 1x Extreme Core Lv. 11
    • Extreme Core Pocket (Premium)
      • Chance to generate Extreme Core 1 or more Extreme Core Lv. 12
  • Extreme Core Pocket (Normal) requesting materials
    • Requesting now required 20x Extreme Core (Piece) in addition
  • Add Extreme Core Pocket (Normal)
    • Output
      • Extreme Core Lv. 1 ~ Lv. 7 : 1x Core
    • How to obtain
      • Purchasable directly from NPC Chloe in Port Lux


6. Add option for displaying HP bars

  • Options > Display > Show all HP bars
    • Show all HP bars of targets on screen
  • Targets
    • Monsters : Yellow HP bar
    • Aggressive Character : Red HP bar


7. Add new skill effects for Elemental Dominator (Wizard Battle Mode 3 skill)

  • Magic Skill Amp. Up
    • 104% at level 1
      • At level 7 will be 110% (+1% per level)
  • Critical Damage Increase
    • 104% at level 1
      • At level 7 will be 110% (+1% per level) 

[KR] [EP11] Sep 04th 2013 Patch notes


1. Add special compensation for dungeon on Saturday / Sunday (weekend)

  • Target
    • On weekend : Saturday / Sunday
    • Number of recurrence : 15 times
  • Dungeon target
    • Altar of Siena B1F, Altar of Siena B2F
    • Illusion Castle Underworld, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
    • Forbidden Island, Awakening Forbidden Island
    • – Forgotten Temple B2F, Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F
    • Marquinas OOutpost
    • Tower of the Dead B3F
    • DX dungeon (Hard / Premium)
  • Compensation
    • Legendary Cube
    • Option Scroll Cube (High / Highest)


2. Add features to new NPCs

  • Target NPC
    • Compensation Dispatcher (Procyon) – Rasha : Desert Scream near Warp gate to Warp Room
    • Compensation Dispatcher (Capella) – Aideriel : Green Despair near NPC Yul
  • Added Features
    • Sell Mission War Supplies
      • Vital Gear
      • Spirit Gear
      • Force Tower Portable Panel
    • Mission War Cube
      • Redosmium / Mystic / Teragrace Cubes
      • SIG-Metal Cubes
      • Rune Cube


[KR] [EP10] Aug 21st, 28th 2013 Patch notes

Aug 21st 2013

■ Fixes

1. In certain situations, movement speed of character is applied abnormally
2. Fix bug that caused abnormally drop from chests in Awakening Forbidden Island dungeon
3. Change that the granting option to Archridium items is now costing fee based on Force slots

  • Granting option for item with non-filled slot(s): 7,000,000 Alz
  • Granting option for item with 1-filled slot: 14,000,000 Alz
  • Granting option for item with 2-filled slots: 28,000,000 Alz

4. Fixed bug related to item appearances

  • Fixed bug with armors when using Battle Mode 3 might caused abnormal appearance
  • Abnormal appearance of Astral Bike PW5

5. In certain situations, the full channel was unable to display in the channel list

Aug 28th 2013

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to Awakening Forbidden Island quest processing
2. Separated skill books in Auction Hall

  • Skill book (Soul Blade)
  • Skill book (Fire Blade)
  • Skill book (Lightning Blade)

3. Guild menu is displayed abnormally is now fixed

■ Changes

1. Circulation Dungeon Compensation changes

  • Compensation mail-related changes
    • Compensation mail will be automatically deleted after receiving items
    • Change the content of compensation mail
  • Compensation changes
    • i) Target Dungeon
      • Altar of Siena B1F, Altar of Siena B2F
      • Illusion Castle Underworld, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
      • Forbidden Island, Awakening Forbidden Island
      • Forgotten Temple B2F, Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F
      • Marquinas Outpost
      • Tower of the Dead B3F
      • DX dungeon (Hard / Premium)
    • ii) Circulation Compensation
      • Clear 2 times: Dungeon entry items (Character-binding / 1-day duration)
      • Clear 5 times: Legendary Cube (Character-binding)
      • Clear 10 times: Option Scroll Cube (depending on dungeon difficulty / Character-binding)
    • * Legendary Cube: Gives output the same like Legendary chest of dungeon


2. Change chance of outputs classified from Option Scroll Cube

■ Additions

1. Add new titles / achievements for character that created for set of durations (1~10 years)