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[EP11.5] [KR] Mar 12th 2014 patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bugs related to Archridium items ■  Change 1. Change the concept of Saints Excalibur Force Weapon – Change the concept of applying Saints Excalibur Weapon Old : Use […]

[KR] [EP10] Jul 24th 2013 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fix bug related to DX Dungeon Hazadous Valley DP reward is given abnormally, less than normal Core drops abnormally 2. Fix bug that caused the appearance of […]

[EU] [Cash Shop] Black Friday Sale !

From tomorrow, Friday the 23rd, until Sunday the 25th the following amazing offers are available in the item shop! The sale will start at 17:00 CABAL Time on Friday the 23rd! Save 50%with […]

[PH] [Cash Shop] Black Friday Sale!

  CABAL Online celebrates BLACK Friday by introducing huge discounts on selected premium items. Check the the details of the discounts below:   So what are you waiting for? Time […]