[KR] [EP15] Feb 17th 2016 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused the “Instant immunity” applied abnormally for some situations

2. Fixed bug that caused the Battle Style level up could not be proceeded after switching Battle Style with “Battle Style Change Kit” in case the quest for previous Battle Style was being executed

3. Bugs that related to chaos upgrading have been fixed, the client won’t be disconnected while upgrading with Chaos Core

4. Bugs that caused character could not move in certain situations while moving on Selliniea map

5. Fixed bugs related to in-game cash shop run abnormally


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Senillinea

  • Lower monsters levels and difficulty
  • Adjust EXP of monsters
  • Adjust monsters spawn locations


2. Increase drop rate of SIG Metal 2 slot weapons and armors

3. Add the Ignore Penetration in Defense Ability calculation

4. Changes related to quests level 145, 191, 193, 195, 197


■ Additions

1. Add button for switching between summary of Attack / Defense stats in Character Information UI

  • Button is at the bottom corner of UI
  • Allow switching between summary information of Attack / Defense stats


2. Add new in-game costume items



■ Mission War

1. Fixed bugs that caused skill won’t be used after resurrection in Mission War

2. Fixed bugs that caused client disconnection when using private storage

3. Disable to used “Skill Show-off” options in War fields

4. Mission Helmet Costume will be shown in the War Lobby

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