[EP9] [Cash Shop] Korean Cabal introduces new Pets

Do you EVER want a *cute* SHEEP as partner in your adventure?!

ESTSoft introduced this brand-new pet in EP9 – Arcane Trace 

How about a Reindeer? I bet it will be available in Christmas Season… Will you let it follow your traces in adventures across Nevareth?

Reindeer is another brand-new pet in EP9 – Arcane Trace.


[EU] [Cash Shop] New Items in the shop! Introducing the Biker Costume, Alpaca Pet and Enhanced Cores!

Nevareth Biker Costume and Bandana

Stand out from the crowd with the rebellious black biker costume and bandana. This cool costume is available in a permanent and 30-day duration version.

PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent) or 9,000 CC (30 Day) Costume
LOCATION: Hot&New or Costumes > Premium Costumes

PRICE: 5,000 CC (Permanent) or 2,000 CC (30 Day) Bandana
LOCATION: Hot&New or Costumes > Hats and Masks

Alpaca Pets

Available in four different colours, the Alpaca, Alpa, Alca and Paca pets are some of the cutest ones to date! Who would not want a little Alpaca following them around Nevareth? Take the chance and grab yours now!

PRICE: 15,000 CC
LOCATION: Hot&New or Pets > Premium Pets

Enhanced Cores

Give yourself an edge when upgrading with the new enhanced cores, available for the first time from low to highest!

PRICE: 400 – 3,500 CC
LOCATION: Hot&New or Consumables > Enhanced Cores

Pet Change Kit – Draca

Do you feel like your current pet needs a change, but you don’t want to go through the effort of levelling a pet from scratch again? Transform your existing pet into a fire-breathing dragon with the Draca change kit!

PRICE: 15,000 CC
LOCATION: Pet Items > Pet Change Kits

*All items to be introduced into the item shops of all 5 versions today and tomorrow

[US] [Cash Shop] Item Shop Updates



Dear CABAL players,

New costumes and pets are released for this week.
Please check out the released items as below:

Items released for this week
*Below items are available on our Item Shop from June 6th to June 13th.

[Avatar Costume]
1. Wild Western (Set)

2. German Dress

3. CABAL High School

4. Suit of Yuan

5. Chinese Gala Dress

[War Costume]
1. Uniform of Procyon (FA)

2. Uniform of Capella (FA)

1. Meow Ninja

2. Robo Robo

3. Fancy Zard

4. Garlie

5. Troglo

[Pet Change Kit]
1. Pet Change Kit – Charisma Pan

2. Pet Change Kit – Gentle Parrot

The CABAL Support Team

[EU] [Cash Shop] Costume Rotation in the Item Shop

The following costumes are now available on all services!

  • Mithril Martial
  • Mithril Battle
  • Mithril Armour
  • Secret Agent
  • Raging Fist
  • Kendo

LOCATION: Costumes >> Premium Costumes
PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent)

We also have the popular Wild West Hat back into the shop! Grab yours now!

 Costumes >> Hats and Masks
PRICE: 5,000 CC (permanent)

Capella Nation
 costumes are also now available. Show off your pride as a member of the Capella with one of these great costumes from the Mission War!

Location: Costumes >> Nation Costumes
Price: 27,000 CC (permanent)



For preview of costumes you can check here : http://forum.cabalonline.com/showthread.php?186641-CABAL-Shop-Fancy-Items

[US] [CashShop] New Pets arrived on Item Shop, Alpaca!

Hello CABAL Players,

We are pleased to introduce CABAL’S adorable new pets, alpacas! There are four different color of alpacas, Alpa, Alca, Paca and Alpaca.

The good news is, to welcome those lovely pets, each of alpaca pet will be released in a bundle, free Pet Slot Extender 30 Days!

*Alpaca updates on Item Shop
17-May to 23-May : Pet Alpa with FREE Pet Slot Extender (30days)
23-May to 30-May : Pet Alca with FREE Pet Slot Extender (30days)
30-May to 6-June : Pet Paca with FREE Pet Slot Extender (30days)
6-June to 13-June : Pet Alpaca with FREE Pet Slot Extender (30days)

Remember the schedule and do not miss out the chances to get special bundles!

The CABAL Support Team