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Tag: auction hall

[KR] [EP11] Nov 13th 2013 Patch notes

■  Changes 1. Expansion of Bike Epic Limitation Old : Sub-Epic : 3 Change : Top-Epic : 3 Depends on bike grade, limitation is vary Blue Bike : Up to Top-Epic […]

[KR] [EP10] Aug 14th 2013 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug related to game messages when entering Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F ■  Changes 1. Change the stats of “Piercing Spell” raises per level from 2 to 4 2. […]

[KR] [EP10] Aug 07th 2013 Patch notes

■  Fixes 1. Fix bug that did not give Forgotten Temple B1F  completion in set of duration achievement 2. Fix bug related to chat window Bugs related to auto scroll When receiving […]