Amity Recipes

As many CABALers requested, I made the Full List of Amity Recipes with Materials.

This is a part of EP9 : Arcane Trace, for more info about EP9 follow this link

Hope that’s helpful


And here is the Chloe’s Shop with two things : Raw Stone of Dimension and Coin Lotto Certificate


  1. Mr.Wormy ..please help on how to solve this problem beacause my ID HAS BEEN BLOCKED…I wonder to this problem my accout it is level 11…?? please help me …..IGN; msAlona >Server:Neptune >Level 11


  2. it’s really tough to search and scan through the images. this is one thing i noticed about your blog.
    can you put this on a table instead. ? alternatively you can give us a link to say, google sheets maybe?


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