Amity Recipes

As many CABALers requested, I made the Full List of Amity Recipes with Materials.

This is a part of EP9 : Arcane Trace, for more info about EP9 follow this link

Hope that’s helpful


And here is the Chloe’s Shop with two things : Raw Stone of Dimension and Coin Lotto Certificate


4 comments on “Amity Recipes

  1. Lioniel M, Vistal says:

    Mr.Wormy ..please help on how to solve this problem beacause my ID HAS BEEN BLOCKED…I wonder to this problem my accout it is level 11…?? please help me …..IGN; msAlona >Server:Neptune >Level 11


  2. Lioniel M, Vistal says:

    soo far i did’nt use any illegal act to this game…and this accout it will vending mode…


  3. WILMER says:

    BIG HELP 🙂


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