Cabal Online – Summer 2023

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Summer is coming with heatwave 🥵🔥 Get a break for few minutes, and get yourself into the teaser of Episode 36 the Summer 2023 update!

– Deep inside the forbidden area of the Vilcenor forest where the trees covered with a bad omen of bloody colour… Adventurers feel a something spooky😱 and sticky… 🤮 Here in this dungeon, adventurers will find creepy, gigantic monsters which are ruling the swampy areas, not only with the fierceful look but also with brand new moves ☠️☠️☠️

New Unique Amulet will also be released along with the dungeon 😱 It sounds good that you can finally change your Orphidia’s Amulet 🐍 into ahmm… I guess I shouldn’t spoil much more~

Yes! You read it right! After 15 years or even more, the Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall (or normally get to know by players as IC2) is finally get revamped!

Countless of adventurers get puzzled inside the dungeon, losing the orientation, but no more~ During the update, the dungeon will get fully revamped. Dungeon progress get shortened and refined, instead of running inside the dungeon with lots of room, you finally can have time to focus on deciphering the secret of Drosnin~

There will be lots of lore are available for adventurers to discover by scanning through random normal objects such as bookshelves and jars~

The Costume system is going to get a FULL OVERHAUL! Costumes will not occupy your precious spaces in inventory and warehouse, but instead, costumes will be “registered” via a dedicated Costume UI. And even more convenient, the new Costume system is account-based. all characters in your account can get access to the registered costumes.

Using the dedicated Costume UI, you can register new costume or even take a look at the costume you don’t have. Registering the costume will activate it for all of characters in your account. In case you register a costume that you have already registered before, you can get “Costume Point”. As mentioned above, you can try a costume that you don’t have, but not only that, you can directly purchase that costume from the Costume UI with Force Gem or Costume Point.

Currently, we have costume enhancement like Epic and Slot Option, since we will have the new Costume UI where your costume will be registered centrally; therefore, Epic and Slot Option won’t work with Costume anymore. Instead there will be new item called “Crest”. You can perform the enhancement on the Crest instead of Costume.

Time to time, players get confused by the chat text from monsters, or some monsters or bosses get spawned after years… farming for quest items take time that makes you wasting time on searching for monsters… and other issues. Well during the update (and also incoming updates) we would try our best to streamline the difficulty, complexity of dungeon and quest progression. Beside that, we are always looking forward to getting more and more feedback from players to make CABAL better day by day.

Hope that. those information will give you a glance of the Summer 2023 update. Follow me for the update patch notes and review!



  1. So basically, the crit rate/max crit rate set up from people will be messed up after this update, due to removing the costume crafts?
    That’s kinda a big punch in the face of the players, unless those “crests” give a replacement for all costume options separately.


  2. It’s nice that they’re renewing IC2, they should also do FT1, remove the key quest or rework it so you don’t have to go back and forth so much. Also Volcanic Citadel and AHV need some kinda of renew in which they reduce those waiting times which is all they really need. Isn’t there any way to make those kind of suggestions to EST?


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