Cabal EU/NA/BR – 2FA – Tighten your SECURITY

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Today 23-March-2023, PlayThisGame – the official publisher of Cabal EU/NA/BR – has taken their initiative for protecting their players by introducing 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) for their Cabal Online. Read more regarding 2FA here on Wikipedia. This post will guide you how to configure the 2FA and login into the game with 2FA and also getting the special exclusive buff! The guideline is prepared in English with English user interface and based on Cabal Online Europe website.

Step #1: First you need to login at your respective website of your Cabal Server, addresses are below:

North AmericaEnglish
North AmericaSpanish
Brazil & Latin AmericaPortuguese

Step #2: After login, click on your name [1] on the top-right corner of the screen and then click on “My Account” [2] from the menu.

Step #3: Click on “TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA)” tab.

Step #3: A screen will be shown to guide you what is 2FA. Click on “Registration” button.

Step #4: Here they will show the “Terms of Use”, read it to ensure that what you are facing with. Click on “I agree to the Terms of Use” [1] and then “Next” [2] button.

Step #5: In order to activate the 2FA, you need to perform the Email Verification. The access to the email that you used to register is needed. Input your email address in “Enter email Address” [1] then click on “Request a verification code” [2].

Step #6: You will see this message on the screen. Click on “OK”.

Step #7: Open your mailbox and search for the email from “CABAL Support Team”, subject is “Your one-time authentication code from CABAL Online”.

Step #8: Get you authentication code inside the email.

Step #9: Provide the verification code into the “Enter Verification Code” [1] box, then click “Verify” [2].

Step #10: Open your smartphone, download the “Google Authenticator” from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Step #11: After you clicked on the button “Verify” at Step #9, the screen will be like below. Here you can either use the “Google Authenticator” on the phone to scan the QR Code or enter the “Setup Key” manually. Once you entered successfully on the “Google Authenticator”, the application will give you a OTP (One Time Password) to complete the setup. Input that OTP into the “Enter six-digit Google Authenticator Code” [3]. After all, click on “Next” [4].

Step #12: If everything is OK, then you will see this screen, click on “Confirm” button to finish the process.

From now on, your account is protected with 2FA. If you try to login, server will trigger the 2FA mechanism. Open your “Google Authenticator” application on your smartphone, get the code and type into the 2FA box in game.

Once the account is protected with 2FA, you will get a special exclusive buff with:

  • HP +50
  • Defense +15
  • Ignore Penetration +5
  • DMG Reduce +5
  • Penetration +2
  • Resist Crit. DMG +2%
  • Resist Skill Amp. +2
  • All Attack Up +10

This buff will be available PERMANENT, as long as your account is under the protection of 2FA.

So what are you waiting for?! Get better protection and exclusive benefit with a special buff in-game! Apply the Two-Factor Authentication for your account now!


  1. good afternoon, ask them to add it on the website, it’s only in the game, the guy can still log in and transfer the character, if he has the sub password, more great evolution


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