Cabal Online – Episode 35 – Mar 16th 2023 Patch Notes

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The first patch for Spring 2023 Update of Cabal KR. Since it’s just the very first patch, it seems to be small. Way to go, better than nothing. Let’s follow my lead into the new world of Episode 35, into the 18th year of Cabal Online!

  • Adjust the success rate of Normal Upgrade from +0 to +15.
    • Remove the chance of level of upgrade can be decreased while upgrading from +0 – +7.
    • Remove the chance of level of upgrade can be decreased by -2 while upgrading from +8 – +9.
    • Add the chance of level of upgrade can be maintained from +3 to +13.
    • Lower the chance of level of upgrade can be decreased by -2 while upgrading to +15.
  • Increase the Core Consumption for Normal Upgrade from +0 to +15.
  • Decrease the Upgrade Point when Normal Upgrade is fail.
    • There is no change of Upgrade Point for Normal Upgrade from +15 to +20.
    • There is no change of Upgrade Point for Chaos Upgrade at all grades.
  • Revise the drop list of Dragon’s Chest in Labyrinth.
    • Additions & Removal: Refer to the table.
    • Others:
      • When open, the “Sealed Agent Yul’s Earring Box (10d)” gives Agent Yul’s Earring with duration of 10hrs or 1d.
      • Increase the Drop Rate of the Upgrade Core (Ultimate)
      • Remove the Server Broadcast for:
        • Elixir of Luck (100M).
        • Time Reducer (12hrs / 1d).
        • Collection Chest.
  • Add new feature for Protecting item against certain mistake.
    • Mechanism:
      • Click on the “Protect” icon in the inventory to trigger the Protect function.
      • Click on the target items in “Equipment UI” or “Inventory UI” to protect the items.
        • Target Items:
          • Equipable items, for example: Weapon, Armor Items, Bike, Pet, Costumes…
          • Items must be in inventory or being equipped.
          • Items with duration can also be protected.
            • Granting the protection won’t protect the items from disappearing due to duration of ownership.
      • Once protected:
        • Item will get the special “Lock” mark.
        • Purposes of “Protection” mode:
          • Cannot be sold into NPC.
          • Cannot be moved outside of Inventory or Equipment.
          • Cannot be stored in Warehouse (via NPC or via RW3 or QW7).
          • Cannot be stored in Personal Warehouse (also known as Bike Inventory) (via NPC or via PW5 or QW7).
          • Cannot be destroyed with the protection button.
          • Cannot be upgraded (Chaos / Divine / Normal / Extreme).
  • Add the Dungeon Clear Reward for some high level dungeons:
    • Add “Holyroid” (with different MXP %) as reward.
      • Restriction:
        • Up to MLV 91.
        • Character-binding.
    • This reward will be added to be run in parallel with existing Dungeon Clear Reward and Today’s Dungeon Reward.
  • Add the colour ring to show the slot grade for the special slots of Myth Mastery system.
    • Other slots have already the colour rings to indicate the grade, the change is only applicable for the Special slots.
  • Fixed bug that counted the kills from outside of Mission War towards the Mission War achievements.

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