Cabal Online – 2023 H1 Roadmap

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The cold winter is leaving soon~ Spring is right there at the corner. Are you ready for some Cabal good news? Here today, I’m bringing some good news for the first half of 2023 update for Cabal. Let’s find out!

Secret Base SCA-76 is too hard? That’s why you cannot get your Dragonium items?! Don’t worry! Here we have the “Celestia” Dungeon coming soon for assisting you~ But… that’s not all! From the new dungeon Celestia, you can not only hunt for the Dragonium items but also new unique items?

Any random wild guess for the new unique items? In the mean time, check out some bosses and dungeon concept art.

We received a lot of queries from players for their valuable equipment, worrying of accidentally selling or destroying their precious items. Here we are~ With the introduction of the Equipment Protection feature, your equipable-items, pets and costumes can be “protected”. Once a item is at “protected” state, there is a limitation of activities could be done to the item.

We hope that, by implementing this, you can be worry-free and conquer the Nevareth adventure!

Several changes and additions are targeted for the PvP-related content such as the pair-matching mechanism and the rewards.

We are also working on the 3 vs. 3 battle as the additional taste for the existing Mission War and Mission Battle; beside that, a longer Mission Battle is also considered.

We are working hard on these PvP-related contents by now, we are looking forward to your feedback and participation.

Normal Upgrade Renewal?! Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! Upgrading is a must in Cabal for getting stronger items; but it’s also a heartbroken with item degrading.

For improving this, we are considering removal or revising the failure penalty for low level upgrades. We are also planning to set +7 as the “safe-point” like the “+15” of Chaos Upgrade / “+6” of the Divine Upgrade.

However, for avoiding making the game imbalance by reducing the general difficulty of the game and reducing value of high-upgraded items, we will also revise the upgrade rate, amount of consumed cores and upgrade point at high-upgraded levels.

After adding this to the test server, we will monitor the feedback from players for fine-tunning the Normal Upgrade system.

Beside of above features, we always open our heart to listen from players for any game revisions and additions. We are looking for your kind support so that our year 2023 of Cabal can jump greatly like Rabbit – the Chinese Zodiac Animal of 2023.

Hope that you have a good time with Cabal!

Thanks for continuously support the game~


  1. There’s no way to see the latest posts on the blog now :(, they used to be in the main menu, but now there’s a lot of other stuff. You should have that somewhere.


    1. On the right side of the homepage, there is a box with title: “Recent Posts”
      I just moved it higher, so it will be easier for visitors to check 🙂


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