Cabal Online – Episode 33 – 22nd July 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Basic Information

  • Solo Dungeon that focuses on completing as many as possible.
  • Season system:
    • 2 weeks of ranking, 1 week of break. Overall, 3 weeks per season.
      • Temporary, the duration is 1 day of ranking and 1 day of break for testing the content.
  • Entrance:
    • Add new NPC Javern (Bloody Ice – X: 64, Y: 21)
      • Once you talk with NPC Javern, the Infinite Challenge will be displayed.
      • You can enter the dungeon using this UI.
    • Entry Item:
      • Item: Scroll of Trial
        • Available from NPC Peddler Unon and Remote Shop
        • Price: 3,000,000 Alz & 30 Troglo’s Golden Fruit
        • Restriction: 7 items per week
        • Duration of Item: 10 hours.
    • Infinite Trial is a Solo Dungeon.
    • Players can enter only during the Ranking duration of the season (during the Break duration, you cannot enter).

2. Dungeon Progress

  • Stages
    • Stages are randomly selected for each round of the dungeon.
      • The map design could be repeated.
      • Even the map design is repeated, the number of monsters and location of spawn are both randomly generated.
    • Progress of Stage, accumulated point, detailed of Buff and Debuff applied are displayed on the UI on the left side of the screen.
    • The faster you can complete the stage, the more point you will get.
  • Progress:
    • As the dungeon keeps progressing, the monster’s stats of later stages will be higher than previous ones (HP, Attack, Defense…)
    • After 2 minutes, an invincible power boss will be spawned and attacks the player.
    • Once the round is completed, the Round Completion UI will be displayed:
      • You can select “Stop Dungeon” or “Next Round”.
      • If you select “Next Round”, a window will be displayed with 3 available buff/debuff for you to pick.
        • The buff/debuff is applied only in the Infinite Trial.
        • You have a limited time to decide which buff/debuff you want to pic.
        • If you failed to select the buff/debuff, the buff/debuff at the first slot will be automatically selected after the timer runs out.
    • Dungeon Completion:
      • Dungeon will be ended if you click the “Stop Dungeon” at the Round Completion UI.
      • If your character is dead, you end the dungeon, get disconnect or change the channel during the dungeon, dungeon will be ended and you cannot re-enter.

3. Reward

  • Ranking
    • Score will be granted based on killing monsters and remaining time of completing the round.
    • When dungeon is ended, the score is showing in the Dungeon Completion UI will be counted as the ranking point.
    • The ranking is not separated based on the class.
      • In case you participate with multiple characters in the account, only the character with the highest score will be counted into the ranking.
    • Ranking is updated hourly.
  • Reward:
    • Dungeon Completion Reward
      • At the end of Dungeon, based on the amount of score you got, Token of Trial will be given.
      • The Token of Trial will be directly sent to the inventory; in case, the inventory is full, the reward will be sent via mail.
    • Season Reward (when the Season is available):
      • A special buff will be granted for all characters who participate.
      • Season Title will be given to top 50 characters

1. Fixed an error where the force wing icon was not displayed when targeting an enemy character in double target mode in the normal field

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