Cabal RED is getting application for Trademark in USA

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Cabal Mobile was released from 2019 for the Korea Market and 2020 and 2021 respectively for Thailand and Philippines/Vietnam market. Until now, there is no further news for the Cabal Mobile Global or any other market. However, ESTGames has recently filed their Cabal RED trademark application for the US Market.

As per ESTGames, Cabal RED will be a mobile MMORPG built based on the same IP of Cabal PC but with better game engine to ensure that it could catch up with the current trend of flashy modern games.

The trademark application for Cabal RED was filed in August 2021 with this description:

CABAL RED® trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of virtual reality game software; recorded computer game programs; computer game software, recorded; downloadable mobile game software; computer game software, downloadable; downloadable computer game programs; recorded game software for mobile phones; computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones; electronic game software for mobile telephones; computer games programmes downloaded via the internet; computer games programmes downloaded via the internet [software]; interactive game programs; computer game programmes.

Cabal RED trademark application

One word in the trademark registration caught my attention, that’s for “virtual reality game” (VR). I didn’t expect that the new Cabal game would be anything related with VR. Imagine, immerse yourself into the Nevareth, holding your weapons and fighting back the demons.

Hold your Blade and Shield, fight back the demonic force of Nevareth?!

It’s uncertain by now, but that was included inside the trademark application of ESTGames for the Cabal RED in the USA market.

Another remarkable point here is, they are applying for the USA market, which sounds like they will release the game for the USA market or in facts PlayThisGame (the branch of ESTGames in USA will take over this business). And if the PlayThisGame would take over the right to publish the game, we can expect that Europe and South America also can get the chance to play the game.

Current status of the trademark application is still pending (as of 22-Dec-2021), waiting for getting examined. It looks like the trademark application is a lengthy process and would need additional time until it gets approved. But we never know, may be behind the scenes, ESTGames and PlayThisGame have already prepared stuff in the meantime.

Earlier in April 2021, ESTGames published the teaser page of Cabal RED and by June 2021 they published the Cinematic Trailer of the game. Also, from ESTGames, they claimed that the game was in the completion stage and game would be released by Winter 2021.

Stay tuned, follow all of my channels to ensure that you will get all of latest and hottest updates related to Cabal!


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