CABAL NA/BR come back with Frozen Canyon Update and Resurgence Events

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According to Publisher ESTsoft Inc. (PlayThisGame)

The coming of Cabal~

In recent months, CABAL Online has experienced long server downtime due to the major changes implemented to its service in an effort to achieve long-term solutions for more stable and reliable servers. The company is also seizing the opportunity to release its latest update for CABAL Online packed with exciting features such as commemorative ‘Resurgence Events,’ introducing a new dungeon – Frozen Canyon – and Episode XXVI, released for PC via the PlayThisGame hub, as well as new promotions, some very exciting in-game compensations to all the loyal players who endured the frustration from the game servers downtime, and much more. Whether you are a new or returning player, the time to get on CABAL Online is now!

  • Resurgence Events will run from April 28 – June 8 and will include:
    • Master of Dungeon: additional rewards for dungeon competitions [EU|NA|BR]
    • Master of War: additional rewards for mission war [NA|BR]
    • Server & War Bonus: exp, w.exp, pet exp, wing exp, axp [NA|BR]
    • Yul’s Appreciation Shop: all dungeon entries for only 1,000 Alz! [EU|NA|BR]
    • Login Event: free prizes for just logging in daily! [NA|BR]
  • Additional Premium Service: Level Booster – 30 days
    • Rewarded to everyone for just logging in from April 28 – May 11 [NA|BR]

Event Pages for:

CABAL Online offers a unique twist to the Action MMO genre. With fluid combat, intricate class combo systems, and fast-paced gameplay, CABAL Online has earned its reputation as a game that challenges the most hardened of MMO veterans, captivating players around the world as the genre-redefining Action MMO that started it all. The new system changes in CABAL Online, which include a new Epic Booster item, a new quick slot bar, and many events for all to enjoy, will further expand the modern MMO classic game’s unique take on character progression and gear customization.

Frozen Canyon, an entirely free new update for CABAL Online, is available now!

View the trailer here: Episode XXVI: Frozen Canyon

About ESTsoft Inc.

ESTsoft Inc. is the operator of the PlayThisGame hub and serves as the North American game publishing and operations arm of ESTsoft Corp, a leading Korean software company since 1993. ESTsoft delivers essential software products and innovative online games around the world.

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