Cabal Online – Episode 27 – Aug 19th and 26th Patch Notes

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Aug 19th & 26th Patch Notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that the achievements are granted without killing the Field Boss in certain situations

2. Fixed bugs related to Dungeon Ranking

3. Fixed bugs related to Special Gift Box reset with Gems

■ Changes

1. Field Boss related changes

  • Changes related to Field Boss
  • Lower the chance of obtaining Conqueror’s Token when defeating some bosses
  • Summary of Changes
  • When the Field Boss attacks a character, Field Boss will not change the direction to that character (which looks abnormally behaviour in game)
  • Change “Field Boss” into “Master’s Boss” in Game UI
  • Change the way of displaying % of HP that the HP will round up
    • If actual % HP is 65.2%
    • Previous: 65%
    • Change: 66%
    • Actual HP is the same, only the % HP displaying is different

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