Cabal Online – Episode 26 – April 02nd, 03rd and 08th 2020 Patch notes

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Serveral changes for Challenge Mission, Secret Shop and Epic/Slot Options of the Astral Bike QW7.

April 02nd 2020 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that achievement is not counted when clearing the DX: Frozen Canyon

2. Fixed bug related to “Monster’s Raid” event

  • Fixed bug that Boss of the Senillinea keeps respawning indefinitely during event
  • Fixed bug that the message for informing the event shows and disappears instantly

3. Fixed bugs related to Fixed Quick Slot

  • Fixed bug that “Loading” is overlapping the Fixed Quick Slot area
  • Fixed bug that the tooltip of skills in Fixed Quick Slot is overlapping the Quick Slot icon

April 03rd 2020 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that a random monster is spawned after the Saint’s Battle in Lakeside

■ Changes

1. Add the “Critical Damage” for Astral Bike – QW7, and increase stats option

  • Check these information inside April 08th 2020 Patch notes right below.

April 08th 2020 Patch notes

■ Fixed

1. Fixed bug that the Guild Treasure is not generated in certain situations

2. Fixed bug that player got client disconnection while using Potion registered inside the Quick Slot, and using Guild Warehouse at the same time

3. Fixed bug that items are automatically sorted when character opens the Personal Store

4. Bug fixed and improvement for DX: Frozen Canyon

  • Fixed bug that show level requirement of DX: Frozen Canyon was displayed as 150 – 200
  • Fixed bug that the reward chests were located too far from boss location
  • Fixed bug that name and HP bar of “Evil’s Left Arm” were blocked by in-game objects

■ Changes

1. Changes related to items sold by NPC “Hirogly” the Secret Merchant

  • Changes
    • Remove the OXP Pots for OLV 60/80/90 in the Secret Store
    • Change the Potion into Elixir (stackable)
    • Some changes applied for buying items with “Troglo’s Silver Fruit”
  • ● Details

2. Changes related to Challenge Mission

  • Reduced the difficulty of scoring Challenge Mision
  • Some changes related to “Troglo’s Golden Fruit” reward

3. Adjust the amount of Cores (Material / Quartz / Astral) obtained from extracting items and price to sell in NPC

  • Reduced amount of Cores (Material / Quartz / Astral) obtained from extracting items
    • Target: Bluestin – Demonite
    • Acquisition:
      • Old: 1 / 5 / 10 / 20
      • New: 1 / 2 / 5 / 10
    • Change the price of selling Astral Core to NPC
      • Old: 0Alz
      • New: Refer to the table

4. Change the stats of Slot and Epic Options Astral Bike-QW7

  • Adjust the Slot Options and add the “Critical Damage” option
    • “Critical Damage” Slot Option can also obtained by using “Random” scroll
  • Increase stats of Epic Options
  • Add chance to obtain “Bike Option Scroll (Ultimate) – Critical Damage” by destroying certain vehicle items:
    • Astral Bike Card – PW5 / QW7
    • Astral Board Card – K Red / K Violet / K Red Crystal Edition

■ Additions

1.Add some accessories to the “Explorer’s Cube”

■ Mission War

1. Rebalance and Adjustment of Attack / Defense Score acquisition in Mission War

  • Adjust the acquisition of Attack / Defense score
    • Adjustment of Attack score acquisition by target
      • Slightly increased the Attack score obtained when attacking a Character (score for PvP up)
      • Slightly lowered the Attack score obtained when attacking a Monster (score for PvE down)
    • Slightly lowered the Defense score earned when get hit
  • Slightly increased the Defense of:
    • Tierra Gloriosa: Legacy Guardians
    • Memoria Chrysos: Legacy Guardians and Gold Keepers

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