Cabal Episode 21 – June 20th 2018 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixes certain bugs related to remote shop.

2. Fixed bug related to Upgrade Box (High), sometimes an abnormal “Pet Untrain Kit – Selective” is generated as output

3. Fixed bug, to show to the drop location of “Essence Runes – Ignore Resist Critical Rate” in tooltip

■ Changes

1. Bike costume is now applicable for Board

  • When a Bike Costume is worn, if player summons Board, Bike Costume will be displayed
  • “Bike Costume” is now changed into “Vehicle Costume” (since it’s now applicable for both Bike and Board)
    • Change tooltip to reflect the “Vehicle Costume”
    • Change category in Auction Hall to “Vehicle Costume”

2. Extreme Upgrade is now applicable for Character-binding items

■ Additions

1. Add special compensation for Volcanic Citadel and Illusion Castles for a short time (only Korean server – as event me compensation to some dungeons for a limited time

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