Cabal Mobile is going to be released…

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After 3 years, from 2015, now we have some news related to “CABAL Mobile”. It’s not a big news, but still, worth for reading 🙂 I will keep updating you all information as soon as possible 🙂

If you missed the previous blog entry regarding “CABAL Mobile”, take a look here:

I won’t take your time, just let’s go straight into the topic:

According to a Korean news website “NSPNA”:

ESTGames plans to launch a mobile game called “CABAL Mobile” (카발온라인) (name is subjected to change) which is based on the popular online game “CABAL Online” this winter (2018).

The “CABAL Mobile” game is something like “Lineage M” (리니지M) which is featuring the look and feel of the same game from PC to mobile. “CABAL Mobile” uses its own game engine named “Snake” (스네이크) which was used before in CABAL Online and now has been ported for Android devices.

Representative from ESTGames said: “We are considering ways to optimise events which are famous with high demand in CABAL Online and optimise them for mobile”.


  1. Let’s hope it will not be another clone of hack & slash with CP rank and VIP levels and funny wings on half EST screen please do this game so that it reflects the best in Cabal Online and not another clone.


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