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A little of history…

Nowadays, along with online desktop games, the market for online mobile games has been grown significantly. Publishers are trying to work and port their success title on desktop platform to mobile platform. CABAL Online is not an exception! CABAL Online has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Korea.

The first announcement on “Project MC2” was in G-Star 2014, ESTSoft announced that they were working on 2 mobile games, one was “Project TUNA” (which was a casual game, and was recently released with “Cat Cafe” title (고양이 다방).


Project TUNA aka Cat Cafe 

G-Star 2014 was held in November 2014 in Busan, Korean, after that there was no many information of these things were released public. Months ago, the representative of ESTSoft has announced the under-development project of ESTSoft. It was named as “Project MC2” aka CABAL: Another Epic.


Project MC2 has been named as CABAL: Another Epic

So let’s go for brief introduction of this new title…

The new game will try to escape the shadow, there will be no relationship between it and previous games (CABAL Online and CABAL 2) but there might be playable characters which come from previous games (let’s say NPC Yuan) (but there are may other classes available as well).


NPC Yuan will be appeared as playable character in new mobile game?

The teaser screenshot was release and drawn a lot of attention from CABAL players all over the world. We can find out is the color scheme is brighter than CABAL 2, even the graphic and 3D model seem to be similar but it comes with very detailed objects.


Project MC2 in-game screenshot (high-res click for larger version)

How about the game play?

Players can start their own game with one out of 18 characters, and accompany with them will be one of 20 available pets. But it was the current state of the development, since the game is still under the development-stage, there is no confirmation, but players can expect a lot from this title 🙂

Will the game be something like CABAL 2, a MMORPG game? No, since the main target is for mobile devices, several concepts are there to follow, the most important criteria is “Strategy”. Players should care about monsters’ attack patterns to arrange party, party can be consisted up to 3 members and pets, and then players can start the attack with their arranged party configuration. Character leveling which was some kind of nightmare for CABAL Online and CABAL 2 is now easy as a piece of cake.

Just remember, the main thing in new game is: STRATEGY! That’s enough for spoiling 🙂

Game content?

In opposition with two previous titles (CABAL Online, CABAL 2) the new title will be focused better on PvP. Not like PvE, where ability and “IQ” (AI is more exactly) of monsters is fixed. In PvP, the skills of players are different. There will be skill-matched system in-game so players with the same grade of skill will be graded to play together.

We are focusing on creating social-related features, such as: players need collaboration for completing quests, it will emphasize the “MMO” factor.

Current status?

We are now having “CABAL Mobile” which was for checking consignment shop in CABAL Online and “CABAL Chat” for CABAL 2, it was our first step for adapting with mobile platform, we keep collecting feedback from players for improving these mobile applications.


Current mobile applications of ESTSoft for previous titles

For ensuring the game is suitable for all players, we will adjust contents and balance between action-and-casual factors. (As gathered, the general players of previous titles were male players with average age of 40). The target players for this title will be players with mobile devices, from 10 – 30 (in average).

The game is now under development, when there is any news, fans of CABAL should be the first ones to know 🙂


CEO of ESTSoft Game Branch


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