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#KR #EP21 Apr 13th 2018 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed an error that did not categorise “Nix’s Jewel” in Auction House

2. Fixed bug that caused “Legendary Cube – Pandemonium” generated mercenary card pieces with abnormal number

3. Fixed error that related to skill / item cooldown could not be saved when moving between server or channel

■ Changes

1. For dungeon, when character re-enter dungeon, previous location will be saved and automatically restored

■ Additions

1. Bike Costume Option / Epic

  • Add slots for Bike Costume
  • Add “Bike Costume Slot Granting” system
    • Adding Slot for Bike Costume
      • Need to use 01 “Bike Costume Slot Converter”
        • “Bike Costume Slot Converter” can be bought from NPC Chloe in Port Lux
          • Price 20x “Damaged Bike Card”
          • “Damaged Bike Card” can be obtained from “Mysterious Cube (Normal)” with a specific chance
        • Bike can be converted up to 3 slots
        • Convert result:
          • On success, one slot will be granted
          • On failure, “Bike Costume Slot Converter” will disappear, target bike costume remains unchanged
    • Granting option for Bike Costume
      • Need to use “Bike Costume Option Scroll” on bike costume with available empty slot(s)
      • For each Force Core used, chance to success raised by 2.5%
      • Option types:
        • HP
        • Defense
        • Evasion
        • Accuracy
        • Critical Damage
        • Penetration
        • Ignore Stun
        • Ignore Accuracy
        • Ignore Resist Critical Rate
        • Ignore Resist Critical Damage
      • Enhanced Fee:
        • 1st Slot: 500,000 Alz
        • 2nd Slot: 1,000,000 Alz
        • 3rd Slot: 2,000,000 Alz
    • Bike Costume Force Option Stats
    • Mysterious Cube (Normal)
      • A random box that can generate “Damaged Bike Card” or “Bike Costume Option Scroll”
        • Available from NPC Magic Dealer – Keller – Bloody Ice
          • 15,000,000 Alz and 100AP from
  • Add “Bike Costume Epic”
    • Epic can be granted for bike costume using “Bike Costume Epic Converter”
    • Usable for bike with 2 slots or more
    • Epic options and value



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