[EP16] Jun 22nd Patch notes

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■ Changes

1. Change the item appearance change to unconditional success (do not base on the item type/ period)


2. Changes related to monsters in Mission War


■ Additions

1. Add the capability for expanded Blended Rune slots

  • Change the “Rune Slot Extender” to “Essence Rune Slot Extender
  • Add “Blended Rune Slot Extender” item
    • Increase the number of available slots for Blended Runes on use
    • Total available of Blended Runes slots changed to 9
      • However, the number of Blended Runes that can be activated is still maintained at 3


■ Mission War

1. Change the mission of war compensation


2. Changes HP/ Attack of some monsters in Mission War, applicable for:

  • Terria Glorisa 170~200
  • Memoria Chrysos

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