[KR] [EP15] Jan 29th, Feb 03rd & 04th 2016 Patch notes

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Jan 29th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to animation

  • In certain situations, characters with costume cannot be seen in field while being in Battle Mode 3
  • Fixed bugs related to some game options that cause abnormal outputs


2. Fixed bugs that cause disappearance of mercenary icon in Mercenary Management UI

■ Changes

1. Change the item property to “Drop Not Allowed” of Minesta Belt (Guard / Fighter / Sage)

2. Change that once there is any items in Temporary Extraction UI, on entering server (login, switch channel, switch server) items will be received automatically

■ Additions

1. Add new Dungeon: Tower of the Dead B3F (Part 2)

  • Entry Information
    • Level: 160
    • Number of participants: Up to 4 characters
    • Entry location: Tower of the Dead in Undead Ground
    • Entry item:
      • Available in shop of NPC Deighton in Bloody Ice
      • Price: 4,000,000 Alz
  • Dungeon compensation
    • DP: 7
  • Special drops
    • Ring of Luck +4
    • Critical Ring +4
    • Amulet of Resistance +5



2. Add Quests

  • Add new Mercenary quests
    • Characters who completed Mercenaries quest before cannot perform these new quests again
    • 6 quests, at level 160, compensations are Covenant Mercenaries (unified cards)
  • Add new scenario quests for 190 – 199

3. Add feature for batch register / receive in Request UI

  • Add new buttons for Register All / Receive All
    • Register All:
      • Register the selected recipe as much as you can afford (material) and for all available slots
    • Receive All:
      • Receive all results of requesting for all spaces in inventory



Feb 03rd 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Mercenary System

  • Increase drop rate of Mercenary Card Pieces
  • Lower the number of Mercenary Card Pieces for upgrading Mercenary


  • Add description for new mercenary cards
  • Remove old achievements of Mercenaries
  • Add new achievements related to new Mercenaries
    • Obtaining new Transcendence Mercenaries: 15 Achievement Point / Mercenary (up to 60 points can be achieved with 4 mercenaries)
    • New title for player who obtain all for mercenaries

2. Change related to Dungeon Boost

  • Last Dungeon Boost level will be stored for each character based on dungeon
    • E.g.: Last time player went to Crazy Steam Hard at Boost level 5, next time the same boost will be shown and suggested to player

3. Change names of some monsters in Chaos Arena Lv. 1 – 6

■ Additions

1. Add new Charm: Amethyst Charm


  • Add new items: Amethyst Charm available from +0 to +7
    • Basic options: HP / DEF / Penetration Ignorance
    • Unique options: Like other Charms
      • All Attack Up
      • All Skill Amp. Up
      • Increase Battle Mode duration
  • Add new recipes for Requesting from Stage 1 to 7
  • Add new recipes for Combined Charm
    • Purple Sapphire / Ruby / Emerald / Amber
    • Red / Green / Yellow / Blue Amethyst



Feb 04th 2016 Patch notes

■ Additions

1. Add button for switching between summary of Attack / Defense stats in Character Information UI

  • Button is at the bottom corner of UI
  • Allow switching between summary information of Attack / Defense stats




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