[KR] [EP10P3] Feb 20th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fixed bugs related to new skills

  • Fixed bug that caused unable to receive SP when using Pera Arrow (Force Archer) / Glacier Trap (Wizard)
  • Fixed bug that reduced abnormal amount of Monster HP when using Glacier Trap

2. Fix the bug that caused client disconnection when registering items in Personal Shop

3. MP Auto Heal cannot be applied in certain situations, bug is fixed

4. Fixed bug that caused game UI displays abnormally based on screen resolution

5. Fix bugs related to Auction Hall

  • Change the Skill Book classification
  • Fix the bug occurred when registering
    • Bike Epic Converter – Resist Critical Rate (Highest)
    • Bike Epic Converter – Resist Critical Damage (Highest)

6. Fixed bugs that caused the client disconnection in certain situations

7. Fix the bug that display buttons in the UI Settings abnormally


1. Change the penalty of Defense in Wizard’s Battle Mode 3 Synergy “Breakthrough” from 5% to 4%


1. Add new type of  DP Cube : Protection Cube (Premium)

  • Item Name: Protection Cube (Premium)
  • Sold by ​​NPC : Port Lux DP Exchange Peticia
  • Exchange fee : 120 DP
  • Possible outputs : Veradrix’s Protection 2 ~ 10 ea
  • Properties : Characters-Binding

2. Add icons in Amity System for Extreme Enhancement System related

  • Extreme Core Pocket (Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique) (used to know as Extreme Core Cube)
  • Repair Kit Box (used to know as Repair Kit Cube)



4. Change the icon of Bike Slot Converter (Highest) in Amity System

* I removed info related to event dungeons of Cabal Korean. This is the last time I notice you all about this, from the next patch notes, I will just remove without noticing. The event will be held until mid-March and every week, there will be a special version of dungeon with special drop (3x drop from chests and Rice Cake Soup drop-able in dungeons)

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