[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 26th 2012 Patch notes

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1. Fix bug that caused dungeon exit after pausing while Force Blade has Blade Buff is on

2. Fix bugs related to Aura Mode

3. Fix bug that caused the reward (skill book) in some quest has been given incorrectly (wrong battle style)

4. Fix bug that caused client disconnection while completing the Illusion Castle – Radiant Hall dungeon

5. Fix but that caused unable to register Bike Option Scroll – Highest in Auction Hall


1. Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon-related changes

  • Reduce time of spawning Burning Berserker
  • Change time that allow using statues after defeating Eliana Estrella
  • Reduce time of spawning Burning Berserker after Tenes boss
  • Several changes applied for tunning Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon

2. Remove Christmas Tree in Bloody Ice


1. Add ability to change the appearance of Acredinium Gears / Weapon

  Mission War

1. Add the Odd Circle cooldown in Mission War

  • The cooldown of Odd Circle in Mission War is set to 3 minutes


Some new images from EP10 Part 2





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