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[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 13th 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes

1. Fix bug that caused unable to achieve  ‘The Guardian hates me’ achievement

■  Changes

1. Sword / Magic Skill integration

  • Old : Sword / Magic skills were divided into separated tab
  • Change : Sword / Magic skills are now merged
  • Skills are now divided into Attack / Secondary / Strengthening / Special categories
    • Attack : Direct attack skills
    • Secondary : Buff / Debuff / Heal / Movement skills
    • Strengthening : Passive skills (do not need to be casted – automatically apply to character)
    • Special : no change (same as current)
  • Change the Instructor NPC skill UI to tab UI with Attack / Secondary / Strengthening tabs


  • Change the skill UI to tab UI with Attack / Secondary / Strengthening / Special tabs


2. Skill point consumption are differently applied based on skill rank

  • Novice, Apprentice : Consume 1 skill point per skill level
  • Regular, Expert, A. Expert : Consume 2 skill points per skill level
    • Some A. Expert Canon skills : Consume 3 skill points per skill level
  • Master, A. Master, Grand Master : Consume 3 skill points per skill level
  • Completer : Consume 4 skill points per skill level
  • Transcender:
    • Skill level <= 9 : Consume 5 skill points per skill level
    • Skill level > 9 : Consume 6 skill points per skill level

3. Change related to Upgrade Skills

  • Instructor NPC will now sell only Skill Books for Upgrade Skills at level 1
  • Stop drop Skill Books for Upgrade Skills with level 2 and above in Chaos Arena
  • Allow using skill book for Upgrade Skills with level higher than 1 to learn directly
  • Allow to keep Skill Books of Upgrade Skills with level higher than 1

4. Change the way of leveling Upgrade Skills

  • To increase Upgrade Skills level, player must reach certain Skill Rank

5. Skill Deletion

  • Delete Blade Force, Blade Aura

6. Change the required skill rank of Soul Blade to Regular

7. Change the Blade Buffs of Force Blader to infinite duration

8. Special skill will be applicable when equipping correct Weapon / Legacy Weapon

9. Amount of Skill EXP compensated from Quests and WEXP exchanging are doubled (compare to existing)

10. Skill Type deletion

  • Delete Skill Type : Strengthen Equipments , Strengthen Attack Skill, Strengthen Spirit,…
  • Buff Skills can be applied to character, regardless of kinds of available on character (total number of buff skills is still limited as existing)
  • Some buff skills can not be nested
    • Ex) Force Blade Blade Buff skills


11. Aura mode changes

  • Old : Aura skill is represented by one skill
  • Change : Based on Aura Code, skill details will be displayed differently
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Tooltip
  • Regardless of Aura Code, the stats is the same

* Icons of Aura code will be changed in future

12. State effect display

  • All effect with duration will be displayed with status icon (with counting down until release)
  • Location : on the right-side of screen
  • Display effects including:
    • Stun / Movement-Impairing / Down / Knock-back / Silence

* Icons might be changed

13. Cabal Birthday achievement related changes

  • Achievement condition change
    • Achievement condition : Wear Happy Birthday Ring
  • Achievement description changes

■  Additions

1. Add the formula that raises HP based on STR

2. Add the feature that allows owner of Astral Bike – PW5 can use Personal Warehouse feature

  • Right click on Bike to access feature, allow using when Bike is in inventory or in Warehouse
  • Character belongs items can be stored
  • Consists of five tabs with 10 slots
  • Number of tabs depends on upgrading level of Bike
    • Upgrade Level : 0~3 : 1 tab
    • Upgrade Level : 4~6 : 2 tabs
    • Upgrade Level : 7~9 : 3 tabs
    • Upgrade Level : 10~12 : 4 tabs
    • Upgrade Level : 13~15 : 5 tabs

3. Add the categories for new combined Charms

  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Sapphire
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Ruby
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Yellow Emerald
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Blue Amber
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Red Amber
  • Accessories – Combined Charm – Green Amber

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3 thoughts on “[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 13th 2012 Patch notes Leave a comment

  1. => … and WEXP exchanging are doubled (compare to existing)

    Does this mean …

    1. Save all the current WEXP till EP 10 is released? i.e. current “one” wexp is worth “twice” the value
    2. Spend wexp asap before EP 10 is released ? i.e. current “one” wexp is worth “half” the value

    Also – do we still get the 20% boost in crystal damage or are they planning to take it off ?


    • Amount of Skill EXP compensated from Quests and WEXP exchanging are doubled (compare to existing)

      ==> You will get more Skill EXP (doubled) from quests and exchanging from WEXP

      No, 20% boost for Crystal is permanent


      • oh nvm, the wexp exchange is for skills only. 😦 (kind of useless)

        Let me annoy you with another question, how does astral buff apply to FA ? (I saw your fb post earlier, are they exclusive to fb only ? ) or do they apply to ALL “Force” related classes ? i.e. Astral Buff also gives FA 15% rate and CD depending on weapon grade.

        in short, is there any change of Astral Buff for FA ?


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