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[KR] [EP10P2] Dec 06th 2012 Patch notes

■  Fixes

1. Fix bug related to Dungeon / Mission Battle, after killing monster with Battle Mode 1 caused error

2. While game is loading, pressing ESC cause the menu displays and client disconnection

■  Changes

1. Cooldown changes

  • Change that cooldown of skills will NOT reinitialized when character dies or client reconnects
  • Apply the same rule to some skills / items
  • Storing remaining cooldown duration when player changes world / switches channel (including Mission War)
    • The remaining cooldown duration will be saved as percentage
      • Ex : In normal channel, player has 15s of Battle Mode cooldown left. That time will be calculated as 50% of 30s (full cooldown). So when player switches between channels it will be maintained. Specially in the case of switching in/out Mission War channel, since the cooldown of certain skills is calculated differently. So if that character switches into Mission War channel, the remaining cooldown duration still be 50%, and it will be 150s (50% of 300s)

2. Dungeon re-entering changes

  • Re-entering an in-progress dungeon when
    • Dungeon is paused : Keep player position
    • Dungeon is not paused : Move the character to the start position

3. Aggrosive related changes

  • “Aggro” will be determined by
    • Damage that dealed on monster by skill
    • In party, the player with highest “Aggro” will take the “Aggro”
    • Each skill has different “Aggro” affecting value
      • Including Debuff skills
  • “Aggro” will be re-initialized if there is no damage casted on monster for a certain duration

4. Provocation skill change

  • Provocation
    • Duration increment per skill level changed to 1s (maximum 9s)
    • Cooldown: 30s
    • Using for obtaining “Aggro”
    • Allow using Provocation and Field of Provocation simultaneously
  • Field of Provocation
    • Duration: Duration per skill level changed to 1.5s (maximum 30s)
    • Using for obtaining “Aggro”
    • Allow using Provocation and Field of Provocation simultaneously


5. Shadow effect related improvements

  • Add shadow effects for
    • Human NPC (means : excluding object NPC)
    • Other players’ pet
    • Personal Store
  • The shadow effects will be changed, based on Sun / light source of each map


■  Additions

1. Add New Mission Dungeon “Tower of Undead B3F”

  • Information:
    • Required :
      • Level : 155+
      • BSLv 11+
    • Entrance location:
      • Central of Undead Ground (where Tower of Undead is)
    • Dungeon time : 10 minutes (time will be increased with time-bonus-mechanism) (like Marquinas Outpost)
    • Entry Item : Epaulet of the Dead B3F
    • DP Compensation : 11
  • Epaulet of the Dead B3F
    • Epaulet of the Dead B3F is sold by NPC Deighton (Grocer) in Bloody Ice
    • Price 5,000,000 Alz
    • Property : Account binding
    • Do not drop in game


  • Drop-able items
    • New set of  equipment
    • Astral Bike – Type PW5
  • Allow using up to 50 of Odd Circle item per dungeon run

2. Add Tempus’s Ring

  • New Unique Ring that requires Killian’s Ring as material
  • Options
    • Basic options:
      • Critical Rate : +16%
      • Critical Damage : +5%
      • HP : +50
    • Epic options:
      • All Attack Up : +15
      • Hit : +50
    • Slot options:
      • Penetrating : +10
  • At this moment the ring cannot be obtained, related quest and requesting recipe will be added later (next week)

3. Add new set of equipment

  • New set of Weapons / Armors / Epaulet
  • There is low chance to get parts of new set in Tower of Undead B3F, the drop rate is subjected to be changed later.





4. Add new Astral Bike – Type PW5

  • There is low chance to get the new bike in Tower of Undead B3F, the drop rate is subjected to be changed later.
  • There is low chance to get Converter for new Bike grade in Tower of Undead B3F that can grant Epic option to new Bike
  • New bike consumes Upgrade Core (Highest) / Force Core (Highest) / Slot Extender (Highest) / Bike Option Scroll (Highest) for strengthening
  • Requesting recipe that allows converting new bike to accquire up to 2 slot will be added to the Amity System
  • Cannot grant some force options for bike slots, except Resistance options (?)

5. Add new Charm

  • Add Minesta Amber Charm +0 ~ +7
    • Basic options:
      • Defense increase
      • HP increase
      • Damage Reduction
    • Epic options:
      • Same with other Charms
  • Add Amber Charm strengthening ability
    • Add new recipes for strengthening Amber Charm (1 ~ 7)
  • Add Minestar Amber Charm +0 ~ +6 in the available outputs of Diamond Cube

6. Add Charm Combination System

  • Charm Combination
    • Minesta Red / Green / Yellow Sapphire Charm +7
    • Minesta Blue / Green / Yellow Ruby Charm +7
    • Minesta Red/ Blue / Yellow Emerald Charm +7
    • Minesta Red / Green / Blue Amber Charm +7
  • New Charm Combination requesting recipes
    • Add recipe : Sapphire (Ruby / Emerald / Amber) Charm
      • Add new recipe for combining Sapphire (Ruby / Emerald / Amber) Charm

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