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[NA] [EP9] Sep 13th 2012 Patch notes

* Today, Cabal NA Staff will patch the Cabal NA client so it will have the same content like Cabal KR Public Server (EP9)


[Maintenance Activity]
– Game Server Maintenance
– Additional Update


[Patch notes]
Fixed Error that Some of the Request Craft items were missing.
· [5000] Unbinding Stone Cube (Medium)
· [5900] Perfect Core (Low) x1
· [6000] Unbinding Stone Cube (High)
· [6600] Perfect Core (Low) x2
· [6800] Perfect Core (Medium) x1
· [7000] Unbinding Stone Cube (Highest)
· [7700] Perfect Core (Medium) x2
· [7900] Perfect Core (High) x1
· [8500] Perfect Core (High) x2
· [8900] Perfect Core (Highest) x1

– Added scenario quest summary alarm function
– Added a mention on the tool tip that Magic Water of Purifications are sold on NPC shop
– Added help FX to characters below level 10 in certain situations
– Added Agent shop category contents
– Added Character / Quest icon in the GPS with a radar-like image

– Fixed error that using some potions, holy waters item’s effect seemed to not be correcty applied to characters
– Fixed error that when a user crafted an item while requesting a trade another user, it resulted the craft mastery to become 0
– Fixed error that certain special skill cool time did not match with the tooltip
– Fixed error that the available potion quantity registered to the quick slot was shown abnormally
– Fixed error that PvP related system messages were shown abnormally in case of dualing a user in another Nation
– Fixed error that selecting the shout mode by mouse click resulted the chat input window to vanish
– Fixed error that the buff icon of the buff potion remained after the character died
– Fixed error that Appearance change / restore required a abnormal amount of Alz
– Fixed error that when the mouse cursor move out of the game window while camera angle change, it turned around continuously
– Fixed error that an abnormal amount of Alz was required for Pet upgrade
– Fixed error that the scroll bar did not function correctly when a ‘on-going’ quest was deleted from the quest list
– Fixed error that the option of ‘Belt of Gold Toad’ was abnormal
– Fixed error that Bluestin items above enchant grade 1 did not give upgrade core pieces when extracted
– Fixed error that in case a client crash occurred during a PvP defect & revive standby time, death penaties were given
– Corrected error that the party leader channel chat of the Mission war lead was functioning abnormally in mission war

– Changed request time for Unbinding Stone Cubes
– Changed that when a user does not have a Megaphone, the mode to not be selected by Ctrl + Tab
– Changed Bird view camera angle to be only allowed down to surface level
– Changed Quest quick window details
– Changed Guild group color
– Changed so that in case a task in the quest is completed, the X mark on the GPS to be removed
– Changed Master Token image
– Changed so that the first page of Cash inventory / Special inventory is to be shown when opened again
– Changed in case there is a quest scroll on above the NPC, the ! Mark is to be shown in the GPS
– Changed low level named monster accessories and equipments to be slotted / normal items
– Changed some of Force Archer Beginner ~ Expert skill rank skills to have a higher value of Additional Attack damage
– Changed so that ‘Mutant Energy Ball’ in Forgotten Temple B1F is no longer dropped
– Changed Low level field / quest dungeon monster level to be higher
– Changed Boss monsters to be harder
– Changed below level 10 sections to be harder
– Changed Fort. Ruina map Alz drop rate to be higher

CABAL Support Staff

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