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Guild Prime IV

Every year, the top guilds from across the six servers  come together and battle it out in the biggest and most prestigious in-game guild competition in CABAL PH — The Battle for Guild Prime. Widely recognized as the ultimate test of a guild’s strength, popularity and camaraderie, Guild Prime winners are legends in their own rights. CABAL PH will always remember the legendary achievements of Guild Prime’s former winners: Unstoppable, Delirium , GameGuard, Civilian and many others.

Now on its fourth year, Guild Prime promises bigger challenges, fiercer competition and better prizes.

Guild Prime IV will run from September 6 to September 27, 2012.

To qualify for Guild Prime 4, a guild must belong to the list of the Top 100 Guilds in its server. Rankings will be based on the guilds’ Honor Points at 1PM of September 7.

The list of qualified guilds are listed here: http://cabal.e-games.com.ph/main.php/community/guild-prime-iv/gp4-official-participants/

The objective is to gain as many Guild Prime Points as your guild can during the competition period.


Guild Prime Points will come from quest badges collected, cash shop expense, mission war scores and from the Guild vs Guild tournament.


  • The Badge Collection Event will start on Sep 13
  • Badges are character-binding items.
  • Cash Points are earned by the guild where the highest-leveled character belongs to (in case account has more than two highest-leveled characters, the guild where the character with the higher Honor Points will get the Cash points).
  • Only real CABAL Cash (CC converted from E-points or LevelUp credits) will be considered, as CABAL Cash from gift vouchers are considered ‘virtual’ cash.
  • Details of the 6v6 Guild War tournament will be announced on Sep 13



100 Penalty Points will be deducted from the guild for every member proven to have used AOE, Wall, Speed, Dungeon or Damage Hacking during the competition proper. Offenders will also receive the permanent account suspension penalty.



GP4 Standings will be updated every Thursdays and will be posted on the GUILD PRIME 4 RANKINGSpage of the CABAL website.


The guild with the most number of GP points across all six servers will win the following rewards:


 a.      Permanent Guild Emblem

Note: If the winning guild already has an emblem, they can choose from below options:

 (1) Change their emblem

 (2) Extend their guild title by 90days

 b.      Guild Title


c.       EXP Boost

For the nation the Ultimate Guild Prime represents

d.      In-game Items and CABAL Cash

e.       A Slot in the Semifinals of the Champions of Nevareth 2012 National Tournament

 f.        Trophy and Certificate

g.         Exclusive CABAL Merchandise



The guilds with the most number of Guild Prime points will be ranked Champion, 1st– Runner Up and 2ndRunner-up, and will receive the following rewards:

a.      Permanent Guild Emblem

For the top three (3) guilds per server

Note: If the winning guild already has an emblem, they can choose from below options:

 (1) Change their emblem

 (2) Extend their guild title by 90days


 b.      Periodical Guild Title:


c.       In-game Items

c.      Certificates

*Mechanics and prizes are subject to change.

Check out the other Guild Prime 4 pages for more information:

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